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Jody Paulsen InAWE Residency

Presenting: Jody Paulsen at the InAWE Residency



Visual artist Jody Paulsen was the sixth artist to join the InAWE Residency, our World Design Capital project in collaboration with InAWE Stays and Nokia. We’ve invited eight local creatives to take some time out and stay at the picturesque InAWE Stays while working on a unique piece inspired by the Mother City.


During his residency Jody worked on one of his signature felt collages. He usually works in a kaleidoscope of bright colours, layering interesting shapes to create impressive, textured, almost psychedelic wall pieces that comment on consumerism and the aesthetics of contemporary culture.


Nokia, a brand synonymous with visual storytelling, provided a Lumia 1520 for the artists at the InAWE Residency to use during their stay. We used the phone to capture Jody’s visually rich work and the creative process behind it in a series of behind the scenes photographs. The InAWE Residency videos shot by Josh Hayman were also made possible by Nokia.


Jody Paulsen InAWE Residency

Jody Paulsen InAWE Residency

Jody Paulsen InAWE Residency

Jody Paulsen InAWE Residency

Jody Paulsen InAWE Residency


InAWE Residency


Earlier this year Fort RixonLucie de MoyencourtSebastian BorckenhagenDanielle Clough and Michael Chandler were at the InAWE Residency.


Throughout 2014 eight local creatives will join the InAWE Residency to work on illustrations, photo stories and everything in between, so keep an eye on our InAWE Residency series.


To book accommodation at the beautiful InAWE Stays, visit their website.


The InAWE Residency videos shot by Josh Hayman are made possible by Nokia. Thanks Nokia!


Nokia Lumia


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