Gabrielle Alberts

FNB Joburg Art Fair | A Studio Visit with Gabrielle Alberts



Gabrielle Alberts is a Cape Town based artist in the tiny furniture business, recreating every day scenes in miniature. Working with ceramics, Gabrielle’s work is labour intensive as she moulds, bakes and paints every single item in her resized worlds, ensuring to leave her trademark – evidence of humans – in each scene. Minute cell phones, and their chargers, coffee cups and cigarettes are scattered throughout these spaces. Every single piece is made by hand using her archive of images, imagination or the internet to draw from. Even her tools take effort to prepare as she adjusts or bends existing items, customising them to her needs.


For the FNB Joburg Art Fair, Gabrielle is recreating the fair in miniature, reproducing some of her favourite pieces by other local and international artists, only, at a speck of their original size. For the photographs in her miniature Art Fair she is making reverse glass paintings.


Between 10 and 5