Fak’ugesi Show & Tell: The Maker/Hacker Edition



In recognition of the role digital technology is destined to play in “Africa’s Century”, Wits University is hosting its inaugural Fak’ugesi: Digital Africa Festival from 11 August to 27 September this year. Showcasing all things digital and promoting an important fusion between technology, art and critical thinking, the festival will include everything from workshops and talks to an arts resident and an indie games festival.


As part of the Fak’ugesi line-up, we are hosting a Maker/Hacker edition of Show & Tell on Wednesday, 27 August at the Wits Digital Arts Division Seminar Room. It’s open to everyone – all you’ve got to do is sign-up below.


For this edition we’re very excited to bring together a diverse set of speakers whose practices combine technology and art or design in fascinating ways. They are:


Joe Paine | Post Rationalisation and design philosophy


Joe Paine


Designer-maker Joe Paine will be using examples of his work to illustrate dishonesty and honesty in his products and furniture, and how the role of Post Rationalisation and prime time Soap Operas has had an influence on them. He will also be commenting on the death of the narrative and the failure to take product design less seriously, with the conclusion that one’s design or creative philosophy should never stay the same.



Dino Fizzotti | Engineering, electronics and creative practice


Dino Fizzotti


As an all-round maker and hacker of things, engineer Dino Fizzotti will be showing a variety of practical DIY electronic hacks including Pavillion 2010 (a collaboration with architecture students to create an interactive pavilion in Braamfontein using infrared sensors and LEDs) and 16shades (768 LEDs placed on the blinds of his apartment to create a low-res programmable display against his windows). He’ll also demo his current work in progress called rfinyl, which involves sticking RFID tags on vinyl records so that when they’re placed on a turntable with a RFID reader, it will play digital music from a small computer inside the turntable.



Jenna Burchell and Leinster Grimes | Creating the interactive artwork, Homing


Jenna Burchell and Leinster Grimes


Interactive installation artist Jenna Burchell will be sharing a behind the scenes look of the creation and reception of her travelling interactive project, Homing. After introducing the audience to the project, its inspiration and subject matter, she will move on to the unique relationship that develops between artist and different industry specialists as a project like this comes to life. Joining the conversation will be Leinster Grimes, the electronic engineer that Jenna has worked with over the last few years. The hours they have spent together in strange locations and at late hours have lent to an interesting cross-disciplinary friendship. Together, they will review some of the little known facts about working on Homing as well as some of the quirky audience reactions to such an unusual exhibition.



The details:


Date: Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Time: 7pm-9pm

Venue: Wits Digital Arts Division Seminar Room (25 Station Street, Braamfontein).

Use the entrance to Wits at the intersection of Station and Jorissen Street. Directions here.


Spaces are limited, so if you’d like to join us at the Maker/Hacker Show & Tell please RSVP below. Hope to see you there!



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