Ads This Week: Good Causes, Dinnertime!, and Reading Other People’s Mail.


In Ads This Week we have advertising ranging from TV to IRL for you to look at, watch, and no doubt judge. We have a brand new Coca-Cola commercial, a great human insight for Heat magazine, and clever ideas doing good for the Salvation Army and Ford.


Coca-Cola “It’s Dinnertime” by Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town and Bouffant




Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Creative Directors: Jacques Massardo & Prabashan Pather
Art Director: Emma Paradise
Copywriter: Kate Desmarais
Agency producer: Cathy Day

Production Company: Bouffant
Director: Thabang Moleya
Producer: Chanelle Critchfield
Post Production: Deliverance
Sound: The Workroom


Heat Magazine ‘Letters’ by Machine




Rather than sending the usual flyer to potential subscribers, in June 2014, Heat Magazine sent a letter instead.


Creative Director / Art Director: Brendan Hoffmann
Creative Director / Copywriter: Kenneth van Reenen
Editor: Brian Scott
Designer: Cassandra Johnson


Ford: “A few seconds you just can’t skip” by JWT, Cape Town



Creative Director: Jonathan Lang
Art Director: Stephen Roth
Copywriter: Stuart Mccreadie


The Salvation Army “Cover Art” by OwenKessel Leo Burnett, Johannesburg




Every year the Salvation Army collect blankets for the homeless. While these collections normally happen during winter, we asked: why not start collecting before they’re needed most? And attended a summer sporting event — the South Africa vs Australia T20 cricket series. 

Based on the insight that people bring blankets to sit on while they watch the cricket, and moving away from the traditional “please donate” tactics, we developed the simple message of “leave your blanket behind” — which we then printed on our own blankets that were placed around the stadium for people to see and interact with. 

Through this simple mechanic of getting up and walking away from something you had already brought, we managed to collect 10% of an annual drive, in just four hours.


Executive Creative Director: Donovan Bryan
Creative Director: Sunet Willemse
Art Director: Richard Thompson
Copywriter: Jonathan Dennis


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