8 Curated Online Art and Design Stores

Get your creative retail fix without leaving your home via these carefully curated online galleries and design stores. Each of these sites provides a virtual platform to showcase a selection of South African art, design and products. This not only makes buying local art and locally designed and made products exceptionally easy, but enables emerging artists and designers to gain exposure and break into the market. It also fosters a local buying culture, which in turn promotes a more robust creative industry. So here’s some inspiration if you’re feeling that end-of-the-month splurge feeling…



outoftheCUBE is a virtual platform designed to promote contemporary South African art. Founded by Mandy Conidaris and Kevin Sneider, outoftheCUBE arose out of a need for an alternate platform for young and established artists to showcase their work and gain exposure. An additional aspect of this site is the accompanying texts that explore the thinking and working processes of the artists. 


'Untitled (Wisdom)' by Lynne Allen
‘Untitled (Wisdom)’ by Lynne Allen
'Robben Island III' by Paul Stopforth
‘Robben Island III’ by Paul Stopforth
'Super Rich Man' by Anton Kannemeyer
‘Super Rich Man’ by Anton Kannemeyer
'White Chalk Lines' by Strijdom van der Merwe
‘White Chalk Lines’ by Strijdom van der Merwe


Browse through the outoftheCUBE online exhibitions and featured artists here. 



Guns & Rain is a new curated online gallery of work by contemporary fine artists from southern Africa, including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. Works by both established and emerging artists are for sale on the site, and ship anywhere in the world. Guns & Rain was founded by Julie Taylor, ex-Google Africa Communications Officer, and is premised on Africa’s burgeoning economic growth, which positions contemporary African art as an investment opportunity.


'Disappearing Identity' by Admire Kamudzengerere
‘Disappearing Identity’ by Admire Kamudzengerere
'Nize Nisikhonzele Phela Bandla Bo 2 (“Please do send our regards”)' by Bambo Sibiya
‘Nize Nisikhonzele Phela Bandla Bo 2 (“Please do send our regards”)’ by Bambo Sibiya
'NHM Refractions V5.1' by Bevan de Wet
‘NHM Refractions V5.1’ by Bevan de Wet
'Compound Housing' by Mongezi Ncaphayi
‘Compound Housing’ by Mongezi Ncaphayi
'Mazoe Black' by Richard Witikani
‘Mazoe Black’ by Richard Witikani


View online curated exhibits by Guns & Rain.



The Fine Print is an online gallery for graphic design, illustration and photography. Creatives in the local design industry can register as members of the site and upload their work for sale, setting their own price and product size. Categories for work include ‘abstract’, ‘graphic design’, ‘painting’, ‘typography’, ‘illustration’, ‘photography’ and more, making it a one-stop graphic art online print shop. TheFinePrint facilitates professional printing of all sold works as well as safe delivery – thereby making buying a piece of graphic art as simple as a few clicks.


'Hooked' by Lize-Marie Dreyer
‘Hooked’ by Lize-Marie Dreyer
Adventures with the Letter A by Brandt Botes
Adventures with the Letter A by Brandt Botes
'Pie' by Kingslip
‘Pie’ by Kingslip
'End Stop' by Jonokay
‘End Stop’ by Jonokay
































































































Browse the TheFinePrint galleries here.



Africandy is a curated design emporium representing South African designers focusing on interior, furniture, and lifestyle products. The Africandy portfolio consists of  an eclectic mix of products by both emerging and established designers, all of which are original, authentic and manufactured in South Africa using local labour in accordance with fair-trade principles. Africandy was founded by a team of four including two architects, Chris van Niekerk and Pierre du Plessis. Africandy aims to not only provide a showcase of local creative resources to the rest of the world, but also help South Africans discover and appreciate the innovation on their doorstep.


'Bend Table' by Leg Studios
‘Bend Table’ by Leg Studios
Concrete bowl collection by 20 Eight
Concrete bowl collection by 20 Eight
'Phrenology Vase' by Chandler House
‘Phrenology Vase’ by Chandler House
'Ralph Steadman' document case by Wolf & Maiden
‘Ralph Steadman’ document case by Wolf & Maiden


Browse the Africandy online lifestyle store here. 



Hello Pretty/Hello Man is like the South African version of Etsy with listings of locally made cutsy designy things for girls and guys.


'Gentleman Traveller' by Chartermade
‘Gentleman Traveller’ by Chartermade
Yellow Bicycle Portraits by  Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler
Yellow Bicycle Portraits by Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler
'Takeaway Special' coasters by Ed Suter
‘Takeaway Special’ coasters by Ed Suter
Solidarity Gold Drops by Facets jewellery
Solidarity Gold Drops by Facets jewellery
Sheer sweater by Mareth Colleen
Sheer sweater by Mareth Colleen


Browse Hello Pretty here and Hello Man here.



Stately is an expertly curated online showcase of premium South African brands. The site prides itself on quality rather than quantity, and features a select range of upmarket local products for purchase.


Botanical textile by Room13
Botanical textile by Room13
Ndebele Chair by Ronel Jordaan
Meltdown bowls by Rike Herbst Bohlokoa Studios
Meltdown bowls by Rike Herbst Bohlokoa Studios
Airborne Tarmac textile by Skinny laMinx
Airborne Tarmac textile by Skinny laMinx


Peruse Stately here. 



StateoftheART is an online platform selling affordable contemporary art by fine art graduates and emerging artists from South Africa. Established by Jennifer Reynolds, StateoftheART aims to provide a platform for a selection of artists not already represented by established galleries to launch their career, and simultaneously provide buyers a curated selection of emerging talent. StateoftheART also has a physical gallery space in Cape Town.


'Agitato Da Fiere Tempeste (after the distress of a fierce tempest)' by Catherine Ocholla
‘Agitato Da Fiere Tempeste (after the distress of a fierce tempest)’ by Catherine Ocholla
'Marginal II' by Minien Hattingh
‘Marginal II’ by Minien Hattingh
'Untitled (Tank Man)' by Andrzej Nowicki
‘Untitled (Tank Man)’ by Andrzej Nowicki
'Leopard I' by Zaan Claasens
‘Leopard I’ by Zaan Claasens


Take a look at StateoftheART here. 



Snow Tait is a commercial contemporary art agency specialising in art from South Africa for markets in London, New York and Dubai. In addition to hosting an online gallery of artworks, Snow Tait also lease artworks, manage commercial collections and co-ordinate special commissions.


'Untitled III’ by Talitha Snow
‘Untitled III’ by Talitha Snow
'Woman 19' by Sarah Danes Jarrett
‘Woman 19’ by Sarah Danes Jarrett
'Untitled II' by Sven Kristian
‘Untitled II’ by Sven Kristian


Download the full Snow Tait artwork catalogue online. 



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