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Ads This Week: 30 Seconds, Cooking With Friends and Toddlers from Hell

In Ads This Week we’re looking, in horror, at great illustrated print ads for World Leisure Holidays, watching a pretty spot on 30 Seconds re-enactment for Nokia, looking at hundreds of roosters, babies and clocks in jars for Origin Dark Roast Coffee, watching choreography at -2.5°C for Castle Lite, cooking with friends and Woolworths, and viewing the latest edition to the DStv Feel Every Moment campaign.


OpenCo for World Leisure Holidays


Children of the Pool 03 Little Shop of Toddlers Little Shop of Toddlers


What could be worse than having your dream holiday in Mauritius wrecked by children, particularly other people’s brats. Thankfully there is a place where absolutely no children under the age of 16 are allowed. The contemporary WLH Ambre Adult Resort is the perfect holiday escape.Our solution was to use iconic horror movie titles to communicate a situation where these brats would invade your dream holiday.The primary target are young couples and singles who has never had kids and are less likely to respond with empathy to families and misbehaving kids. However empty nesters and even parents could relate to the torture of going on holidays with kids.



Creative Director & Art Director – Steven Brewis
Illustrator – Oscar Ramos
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter – Louis Gavin
Art Director – Sean Donovan


#Lumia30 for Nokia 





If there is one thing all South Africans can relate to, it’s a fun (and sometimes frustrating) game of 30 Seconds. Our unique approach to describing random things brings out our truly South African humour. The latest online Lumia video from Microsoft showcases a unique way of storytelling, and the importance of imaging. Thanks to their leading imaging technology, Lumia owners always have the ability to tell better stories with pictures.


“Made at -2.5°C” for Castle Lite by Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town




It’s no secret that Castle Lite is always served extra cold and, whilst the full recipe is kept under lock and key, the Brand’s latest campaign reveals a few secrets on how it locks in that great tasting, extra cold refreshment. Whilst other beers in the SAB stable are matured at -2 degrees, a critical part of the multiple-stage process, Castle Lite is uniquely matured at -2.5 degrees which primarily precipitates any haze causing substances and, secondly, ‘settles’ the flavours ensuring a consistent tasting and clear looking, ‘bright’ beer. This unique sub-zero lagering process ensures that the full flavour of Castle Lite is locked in, delivering the extra cold refreshment for which the beer and brand has become renowned for.


Castle Lite created a new TV commercial to officially launch the campaign. The commercial gives consumers a glimpse into the Castle Lite brewery and shares the story of how the beer is made. The 30-second ad features UK based actor and choreographer Sep Dashti unlocking his dubstep moves in the brewery, on a custom-created extra cold set at the old Bus Factory (now called Market Lab) in Newtown, Johannesburg. Well-known actress and choreographer Lorcia Cooper was responsible for coordinating the various dance moves seen in the ad.



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Cape Town
Directed by Chloe Coetsee of Fringe/Bouffant


DStv Feel Every Moment ‘Doc Shebeleza’ by Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg




Frieze Films’ Malo 8 directed Doc Shebeleza, the latest installment in Ogilvy’s popular Feel Every Moment DSTV campaign. The spot features a mother watching her two daughters dancing – adorably – to Cassper Nyovest’s hit music video on DSTV. Malo’s challenge was to create something new that still felt like a natural progression from the first four ads. “I wanted to make the campaign more light-hearted and upbeat,” says Malo. “But without losing the believability and sophistication of the campaign so far.” To do so, Malo brought on DP Werner Maritz, who shot on anamorphic lenses to create a filmic look, and worked closely with the child actors and Deepend Post editor Paul West to make sure the performances felt real and unrehearsed. After just ten days online, the spot is already the most popular of the campaign so far on YouTube.



Agency: Ogilvy
Creative team: Neo Mashigo, Sibusiso Sithole, Vuyo Mpantsha, and Innocent Mukheli
Agency producer: Juliet Curtis
Production company: Frieze Films
Director: Malo8
Producer: Liz Dahl
DOP: Werner Maritz
Editor: Paul West
Post production: Deepend Post
Sound: Louis Enslin


‘Instantly Awake’ for Origin Coffee Roasters by Joe Public, Johannesburg


origin_crowing_aotw origin_cacophony_aotw origin_crying_aotw



Advertising Agency: Joe Public, Johannesburg
Creative Directors: Adam Weber, Xolisa Dyeshana
Art Director: Wynand Botha
Copywriter: Annette de Klerk
Illustrator / Photographer: Carioca


MasterChef ‘Cook with Friends’ App and Competition by Woolworths and Gloo




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This year, Woolworths is going to change MasterChef South Africa’s viewers from spectators, to participants. Encouraging participation and engagement amongst food lovers across the nation. Uniting them in a shared passion: The love of great food! THE CHALLENGE: Essentially, 4 friends cook 1 dish to make 1 foodie video together. The friends can either get together, each cooking and filming a part of the recipe. The 4 videos are then automatically compiled into one and posted to Facebook. The winning group’s video will then receive an amazing foodie experience with celebrity chef and MasterChef South Africa Judge Rueben Riffel for all 4 friends to enjoy together. HOW IT WILL WORK: Step 1: Download Cook With Friends App, Step 2: Add 3 Facebook friends to cook with you, Step 3: Film your part of the recipe, then mix together each friend’s clip to make 1 foodie video, Step 4: Serve online and hold thumbs.For more info, visit or download the Cook With Friends App free from your App store.


Executive Creative Director – Fred Benistant
Art Director – Jennifer Macfarlane
Copywriter – Dale Winton
Production TVC – Platypus Productions
Music – Softlight city
Still photography – Robert Koene
Agency Production – Mandy Hendler
Client service – Rachma Hendriks
App development – Gloo


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