Presenting: Ed Suter at the InAWE Residency



Photographer Ed Suter concludes the 2014 InAWE Artist Residency Programme. Throughout 2014, Cape Town’s year as World Design Capital, a total of eight local creatives stayed in one of InAWE Stays’ self-catering cottages in the city centre, while working on a piece inspired by their surroundings.


During his stay here, Ed decided to use Cape Town as a backdrop for a photo story titled Arrivals and Departures. Ed has always been inspired by the energy of cities and these photographs, shot on film and digital, tell the story of a young trumpeter making the move from a small village to the Mother City. Ed, two models dressed in Bantu Wear and one assistant travelled around Mamre, Philidelphia, Elsies River and the CBD to shoot in wheat and canola fields, on an old school bus and at a block of flats, and the results are just as enchanting as the 60s jazz records that inspired this series.


See more of Ed’s city-inspired photographs on his website and find him on Twitter and Facebook.


Arrivals and Departures by Ed Suter, for the InAWE Residency:


Ed Suter 01

Ed Suter 02

Ed Suter 03

Ed Suter 04

Ed Suter 04b

Suter 5

Ed Suter 06

Ed Suter 07

Ed Suter 08

Ed Suter 09

Ed Suter 10

Ed Suter 11

Ed Suter 12

Ed Suter 13

Ed Suter 14

Ed Suter 15

Ed Suter 15b

Suter 16

Ed Suter 17a

Ed Suter 18

Ed Suter 19

Ed Suter 20

Ed Suter 21

Ed Suter 22

Ed Suter 23

Ed Suter 24

Ed Suter 25






The InAWE Residency is our World Design Capital project in collaboration with InAWE Stays and Nokia.


Previous artists at the InAWE Residency included Fort RixonLucie de MoyencourtSebastian BorckenhagenDanielle CloughMichael ChandlerJody Paulsen and Laura Windvogel. Visit the InAWE Residency series page to see what they made.


Nokia, a brand synonymous with visual storytelling, provided a Lumia 1520 which the artists have used to complement their creative process and document their stay. Ed Suter used the phone when he was scouting locations and props, instantly capturing and reviewing high quality images on the large screen. All the InAWE Residency videos shot by Josh Hayman were also made possible by Nokia.


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