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YOH!’s streetwear line ‘On Sight’ Lookbook and Video


Starting out as throwers of some of the best parties Cape Town has seen, YOH! has grown over the years with visits to Joburg and more recently Durban, a (not serious) blog, a show on Assembly Radio and since the twilight of 2012, a clothing line. Aptly described as an all-encompassing ‘creative outlet’ the YOH! platform has launched a new streetwear range developed by Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet and debuted by music/style/culture publication The FADER who says, “It’s clear from their output thus far that Visser and Saiet carefully curate their image and everything they touch, nothing about YOH! feels rushed, forced, or inauthentic. It’s exactly the kind of club we want to join.”


The 2014 range is a monochromatic, minimalist reflection of the time it exists in; the revival of 90s fashion, symbols and big brand logos meets the age of text-based communication and the emoticon.


The duo enlisted Travys Owen to shoot the lookbook at his apartment/pop-up studio in the stark style that is becoming his signature. Adriaan Louw of We-Are-Awesome Film shot the accompanying video which follows a YOH!-clad clique through the streets of Cape Town from Greenmarket Square to Lefties via Long and Bree set to Cutting Gems’ “Fell Through The Night”.


All clothing can be purchased exclusively on YOH!’s online store.


Lookbook credits:


Designs by: Raees Saiet
Photographer: Travys Owen
Styling: Patrick Visser and Raees Saiet
Hair & Make-Up: Andie Reeves
Luke Doman
Michaela Younge
AJ Williams
Kelly Jean Egan
Jabu Nadia Newman
Chris Kets
Shaheed Martin
Catherine Saint Jude Pretorius
The Doman Twins
Tyla Mason
Azuli Peeters
Dumi Scott
Bronwyn Katz
Boole Lani
Raees Saiet
Patrick Visser


Special thanks to Sarah Hugo-Hamman.


Video credits:


Shot by Adriaan Louw
AJ Williams
Courteney Krauss
Kalo Canterbury
Luke Doman
Patrick Visser
Raees Saiet
The Doman Twins
Tyla Mason


Special Thanks to Mitchell Gilbert, Mohato Lekena, Ross Dorkin, Tauriq Ajam and Lorenzo Lakay.


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