Levi’s Pioneer Nation feat. Greenpop


Levi’s Pioneer Nation is a unique 16 hour festival taking place in Braamfontein, Johannesburg on the 25th of September. The line-up features 40 modern Pioneers candidly sharing their engaging backstories, entrepreneurial insights and practical wisdom in 15 minute TedTalk style presentations. In the weeks and days that lead up to the festival Levi’s is releasing a series of videos featuring some of these self-starters.


This video features Misha Teasdale, the founder of Greenpop who says, “If the need is there and you have a solution, you go for it. You can spend a lifetime looking at feasibility. Meanwhile someone else is getting on that band wagon and you’re left thinking, ‘That was my idea?’”


Misha developed the idea for Greenpop after he’d accumulated just under 400 000 air miles and was looking to offset his carbon footprint. To do so, he decided to put together a crew of like-minded individuals in an attempt to plant 1000 trees in a month. Today Greenpop is a social business that creates innovative and sustainable solutions to our landscapes and shows people that sustainable living needn’t be a chore. “We now employ 16 people and we need to make a certain amount to stay afloat,” says Misha, “It’s a bitter pill to swallow if there isn’t money coming in for a month or two, or if we have creditors that aren’t playing ball and making payments.”


Even though the business has started to show signs of success and Misha can now afford to pay himself a salary, it’s a humble one, and he chooses to live simply in every respect, “I ride my bike. I eat a minimal amount of meat. Now is the time to innovate, to make something from nothing. We can look at waste in a new light, use low tech appropriate technologies to solve developmental problems, celebrate informal economies, and bring inclusivity of all into focus.”


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Look out for the next few videos and some exclusive interviews on 10and5 soon, and find out more about the Pioneer Nation 2014 festival.


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