Openings This Week: JHB | CreativeMornings and a Neustetter/Hobbs Joint Show

This week’s art openings and events include the next instalment of CreativeMornings, group exhibition BAZOOKA by collective Mega Bonanza, a joint show by longtime collaborators, Marcus Neustetter and Stephen Hobbs, and an exhibition by visiting artist, Catherine Gfeller.


Thursday 25 September 2014 


Concrete Space, an exhibition by Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter





After 15 years of public art consultation, multi-media events and myriad solo and group exhibitions; Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter are having their first two person show. The selection of mixed media works for exhibition demonstrates their individual studio practices in terms of conceptual logics that sway from the diminutive to the infinite in terms of scale and space, the city and ‘other’ worlds. This exhibition is a starting point for rethinking their solo careers, in relation to conventional modes of exhibition relative to a longstanding dialogue around alternative practices in artistic collaboration.


Rubixcube Gallery, 264 Fox Street, Arts on Main, Maboneng


More info on the Facebook event page. 



BAZOOKA by Mega Bonanza at Kalashnikovv Gallery




Following on from their highly successful exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery last year. The Mega Bonanza collective is back with their second exhibition titled ‘BAZOOKA’ at Kalashnikovv Gallery in Braamfontein.


Kalashnikovv Gallery, 153 Smit Street, Braamfontein


More info on the Facebook event page.



Passing the City Through You, by Catherine Gfeller




Wits Art Museum, Corner Bertha and Jorissen Streets, Braamfontein


More info on the WAM website.



Friday 26 September 2014


Anthea Pokroy on A Collection of Gingers, the next CreativeMornings Johannesburg talk




Anthea Pokroy is a Johannesburg-based artist and photographer. She has taken part in many group exhibitions since 2005 and has been in the top 100 of the Absa L’Atelier Awards in 2007, 2008, 2013 and 2014, and Sasol New Signatures in 2010. In 2013, she had her first solo exhibition entitled I collect gingers at Speke Photographic/ CIRCA on Jellicoe in Johannesburg. She has presented at TEDxJohannesburg on this project, and will speak about it at this edition of CreativeMornings.


Nicework, 2nd floor, The Anchor Building, The Media Mill, 7 Quince street, Milpark

8:30 – 10:30am

More info on the Facebook page, and register online to reserve your ticket.



Also on and worth a look:


Defining Lines, by Marcus Neustetter




The trajectory from Neustetter’s interest in the aerial perspective and his artworks exploring the digital Google Earth trace, the hand-made mark has become a natural extension through his drawings. Conceptually his shift has also been to start looking at the meaning of the marks representing the aerial view. What do they stand for, what do they define? The artworks on this exhibition attempt to imbue the mark with the kind of real world impact that a line on a territorial map has.


Gallery AOP, 44 Stanley, Milpark

More info on the gallery website. 




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