‘The Cynic’s Surrender’, a debut track and music video for Albany Lore


Albany Lore is the solo project of Matt Rightford, who has just released his debut track ‘The Cynic’s Surrender’ and a music video (released through naasFILMS) to accompany it.


“I have always enjoyed singing. I took it for granted in high school as that thing that I would always just do. But I learnt really quickly that it doesn’t just happen”, says Matt, explaining the inspiration behind the track. “While playing in bands is extremely valuable as a musician, the bands I’ve been involved in were more experimental and collaborative in nature and there wasn’t much space to own as a vocalist. This never bothered me within the band space, but for a few years now I’ve been procrastinating and hiding behind other projects of mine. So, the build-up of frustration and essentially being a cynic about my ability to own a solo project was what inspired ‘The Cynic’s Surrender’. I decided to finally just do it. To make it happen.”


Though he hasn’t been able to definitively describe his own sound, Matt wanted the vocals of his first track to be clean while experimenting with the instrumental side of things for a good balance. The result has something along the lines of an electronic-heavy, alternative jazz/soul feel to it. The track was produced by Thor Rixon (Matt is also a part of his live act) and the video was shot and edited by David East with assistance from Thor. The concept was simply to match the mood of the track as closely as possible and to do this, they shot at night and early in the morning. “My mom is from the Eastern Cape, so I have a really strong nostalgic connection to that lower Albany type of vegetation – aloes, shrubs, etc. – and I wanted to link that in somehow,” Matt says. “Shooting the video was super fun, because other than the initial concept we actually improvised most of the shoot. David has a great eye and is an absolute wizard with a camera, and Thor is one of the most creative people I know and is just so valuable to have on any set.”


Currently, Matt is writing as much as possible to put an EP together by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. This includes being conscious of the live set up that he would need to successfully translate the music he’s creating into a live performance – which is something he’s extremely excited about. “Performing live, for me, is where it’s all at as far as making music goes,” he says. Find Albany Lore on Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye on things as they develop.


Albany Lore - The Cynic's Surrender (6)

Albany Lore - The Cynic's Surrender (7)

Albany Lore - The Cynic's Surrender (4)

Albany Lore - The Cynic's Surrender (2)

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