Ridiculous Videos by Desmond and the Tutus to Launch ‘Enjoy Yourself’



To launch their new album, Enjoy Yourself, Desmond and The Tutus has made a series of videos that are equal parts funny, awkward, bizarre and entertaining. They told Cool Hunting, “before we settled on Enjoy Yourself, we were going to call the album Oh Schucks It’s Desmond & The Tutus. It’s a homage to a famous series of South African prank/skit comedy movies from the 1980s called Oh Schucks…. It’s Schuster!“. Scary Story, Budget Family Recipes, Slumber Party and Feel the Burn are four short skit comedy movies starring the band members in character as boy scouts, the trailer trash cast of a cooking show, teenage girls kiss-and-telling at a sleepover and a fitness tips sharing metalhead. They released these videos in build up to the album launch but, as you can tell from their unconventional approach to marketing, nothing about Enjoy Yourself is traditional. Playing around with the idea of a digital album and not having to fill an entire CD all at once, they’ve only released part 1 of 3 and will be sharing the rest of the songs as they finish writing and recording them. These videos might seem arbitrary but that’s exactly the point, so just enjoy.



Camera and Edit: Hanro Havenga
Sound: Jacques Goetz


Listen to Part 1 of Enjoy Yourself on Soundcloud and keep up with Desmond and The Tutus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or buy their music on iTunes.








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