The Wanderlust List | 12 Creatives Aiding Our Escapism


All aboard? We’re about to take a trip across the globe through deserts and over seas from the far west to the far east through the photographs and films of twelve travelling creatives.


 Shaun Stander


Born in Empangeni, photographer and filmmaker Shaun Stander has been living in Vancouver for the past 5 years. His contrast-rich images tell of his travels from Hawaii to Zululand with trips like the one he made from Mississippi to Oklahoma in the series Brown River in between.


Shaun Stander Jurassic  Shaun Stander Jurassic Shaun Stander JurassicShaun Stander Jurassic
Read an interview with him.


Gabriella Achadinha


Originally from Bloemfontein, Gabriella Achadinha relocated to Cape Town in 2009 to study Film Production at AFDA. Her photographs largely depict her travels across South Africa, Europe and America. Most recently she published Figures and Spaces, two 35mm film photography series captured in Barcelona and Lisbon in the height of the summer holiday madness investigating the two titles.


Gabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella Achadinha
Read an interview with her.


Wilhelm Venter


Wilhelm Venter is an architect and product designer from the Mother City who takes intriguing pictures in his free time. His sharp eye for interesting photographs is currently roaming the USA.


Wilhelm VenterWilhelm VenterWilhelm VenterWilhelm Venter
Read an interview with him.


Anton du Preez


Anton du Preez is a South African filmmaker living in New York City. Earlier this year he and his wife, Emily Faulstich, partnered with Volvo to make American Safari, a project documenting their month-long road trip from Los Angeles to New York along the Southern Route through film and photography. These are short clips from the larger campaign which you can find more of here.


Lyall Coburn


Imagine Larry Clark’s ‘Kids’ was set on the beach (substituting the skateboarding for surfing) and you’ll have a pretty good idea of the environment which Lyall Coburn grew up in. To date, the director and photographer has collaborated with the likes of Maison Kitsuné, American Apparel and Adidas. Now, after many years of travelling to do so he has settled in a home in Cape Town.
Read an interview with him.


Nature Loves to Hide by Meraviglia


This short film starring Thomas Pepler and Ashleigh-Jane Denton was shot in South Africa by Luca De Santis for online travel magazine Meraviglia Paper.


Republic of Nowhere


Republic of Nowhere is the wanderlustful Instagram account of commercials director at Velocity Films Adrian De Sa Garces. Follow his travels abroad and weekend trips closer to home at


Republic of Nowhere Republic of Nowhere Republic of Nowhere Republic of Nowhere Republic of Nowhere


Adriaan Louw


Adriaan Louw is a Cape Town-based photographer with an enviably well-stamped passport. While his fresh and beautiful decor and lifestyle photography could serve as an ample source for the most avid Pinterest-er, his travel photography has captured the textures, patterns, people and must-see places of cities the world over.


Adriaan Louw Adriaan Louw Adriaan Louw Adriaan Louw
Read an interview with him.


In Foreign Transit


In Foreign Transit is an online, photo, written, and video documentation of three young South Africans (photographer Max Mogale, chef Jade De Waal and videographer Dewald Brand) who embarked on a three week journey through India earlier this year.
Read more about the project.


Michael Ellis


From Uganda to Springbok to Between Here and There in Boesmanland photographer and videographer Michael Ellis takes his camera far and wide. His extensive subject matter ranges from wild nights on the SA music scene to the lesser-shot flowerless planes of Namaqualand in the height of Summer.


Michael Ellis Michael Ellis Michael Ellis Michael Ellis
Read more about him.


Yeah, New York by Gareth Pearson


After a quick work trip to Boston last year, Gareth Pearson decided to sneak in a few extra days to visit NYC. While exploring spring in the city, he filmed what was going on around him to make this video and make us jealous.



More about the film.


Out the Office


With a shared love for spontaneous adventure and armed with a camera each, Patrick John and Chloe O’Doherty are newlyweds currently traversing the United States in a 1995 Chevy campervan dubbed ‘Dora’. Chloe’s background is as an art director for an advertising agency in Johannesburg, while Patrick worked in sales and marketing at an engineering firm. After leaving their day jobs, the pair travelled over 34 000 kms through 6 African countries – the first leg of what is to become a journey around the world. Since arriving in the US in May, Chloe and Patrick have made their way from Michigan to California, blogging about their experiences.


Out of Office Out of Office Out of Office Out of Office
Read an interview with them. 


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