Get Jenna Lowe To 21 | A Campaign for Organ Donation



Over the last few years we’ve seen powerful campaigns, both creative and effective, calling for South Africans to register as organ donors, but with current numbers indicating that only 0.4% of South Africans are organ donors and 4000 are waiting on organs in order to stay alive, the message needs to reach much further.


Aiming to do something about these bleak numbers, this new campaign by Lowe + Partners Cape Town attaches a real face to the cause, that of 19 year old, Capetonian girl Jenna Lowe who needs new lungs in order to live passed the age of 21.


Jenna is inviting the whole country to her 21st birthday party and in order to attend you have to register as an organ donor. The more people who sign up, the better Jenna’s chances of being there herself.


In highlighting just this one case and calling for help for Jenna, the increase in organ donors could help all 4000 people on the waiting list. One donor can save up to seven lives.


The campaign went live on Tuesday this week on the microsite, where you can learn more about Jenna and the cause, and in just two hours had already resulted in 65 new sign ups. Currently, after only two days, the number is over 1000.


Visit the campaign at or follow the hashtags #getmeto21 and #save7.


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