Odd Traditions

Openings This Week: CT | Makers + Thinkers, Odd Traditions and Thursdays Late

The first ever collaborative exhibition by Paul Senyol and Pierre le Riche is opening at Salon91 this week. There’s also the openings of the Makers + Thinkers design showcase, a group photography show by non-professionals and a whole lot of open studios around town. Here are the details:


Wednesday, 15 October


Running alongside the WDC2014 Design Policy Conference is Makers + Thinkers, a week of free events at the Cape Town Stadium that aim to challenge thinking, enable creative powers and communicate the power of design.


Makers + Thinkers


Entrance is free, so pop by the Cape Town Stadium from 15 – 19 October between 10am – 6pm.



Odd Traditions, a conversation of paintings and installations by Paul Senyol and Pierre le Riche is opening at Salon91.


Odd Traditions


Tradition, the transmission of beliefs, cultural habits and heritage through generations. The unwritten laws, the unspoken rules, the oral transmission of historical conventions, ideologies and even entire languages passed down over time. It is nonetheless inevitable, that all traditions will undergo change to some extent, however subtle or imperceptible. The desire to leave the indelible mark of our unique identities on the world, that is so intrinsic to human nature, ensures that we tend to add and / remove some of the details. We are essentially engaged in the constant process of renegotiating, deconstructing and reconstructing our traditions and cultures. Rather than seeking out the strange or foreign traditions particular to South African culture, Paul Senyol and Pierre Le Riche attempt to deconstruct and re-assemble the (odd) idea of tradition itself with their two- man exhibition Odd Traditions.


91 Kloof Street at 6:30pm.



Thursday, 16 October | 


Prints, Drawings and a Table, a body of work that investigates the cause and effect of intent by Christian Nerf is opening at Warren Editions as part of Thursday Late.


Warren Editions


The intent being the technology of movement, prescribed actions abided by diligently. This procedure of making is recorded in a series of works executed in etching, drypoint, monotype and drawing by Christian Nerf in collaboration with Zhané Warren of Warren Editions. Christian Nerf comments, “whilst in pursuit of a systemic change I embraced the restrictions offered by drawing. I set about ‘challenging its ability to be a lawless territory’ and a couple of years in I had found a handful of ways with drawing that continue to sustain my interest. These ways are not restricted to drawing and wanting to expand their vocabulary I have now translated key works into monotypes and etchings.”


62 Roeland Street, 5pm – 9pm.



Spier Arts Academy Open Studios is taking place at Union House as part of Thursday Late.


Spier Arts Academy Open Studios


Aspiring artisans are encouraged to visit the Spier Arts Academy Open Studio to find out more about our three-year employment-based training in professional mosaic and ceramics specialisation. Hosted in Union House, the Spier Arts Academy is directed by Yellowwoods Art. A station will be set up to try the tools of the trade, using a martellina (mosaic hammer) and cutting tesserae (pieces of stone); to experience first hand what it takes to master the skills of osaic. For the ceramic enthusiasts, a tour end at our Ceramic Studio with a four-stop ceramic work station.


Union House, 25 Commercial Street from 5pm – 9pm.



Revisiting Sites, a group exhibition curated by Khanyisile Mbongwa is opening at The Hostel as part of Thursday Late.


Revisiting Sites


The exhibition are a series of historical reenactments through art, an act or remembering when the country seems to be suffering from national amnesia. How history has taught us nothing about ourselves or we just refuse to learn. Which makes this moment right now, not an aftermath or a descendent of history but it’s direct extension. Gallery spaces, or rather, exhibition spaces are part of this historical reenactment, structures of evidence and sites of creative negotiations. The show includes painting, photography and performance.


86 Commercial Street from 5pm – 9pm.



A group exhibition and Open Studios is taking place at Studio 41 as part of Thursday Late.


invitation colour (1)


41 Glynn Street (Corner of Upper Canterbury and Glynn Street) (Upstairs International Panel Beaters) from 5pm – 9pm.



Open Studios at The Woodstock Foundry.


Open Studios at The Woodstock Foundry.


For one night the resident artists invite you to explore the sights and sounds of The Woodstock Foundry.


170 Alber Road from 6:30pm – 9pm.



Community, a solo show by Willie Bester is opening at Everard-Read Gallery.


Willie Bester


This concise but detailed exhibition retraces Besters rich artistic observations of his country, from its raw political history to the relevant contemporary challenges which have emerged from post-apartheid South Africa, and serves  to reinforce Willie Besters role as the adopted voice of the proud everyday people from all different disadvantaged circumstances.



3 Portswood Road, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront from 6:30pm.



Saturday, 18 October


A Tourist In Your Own Town, a group photography show by non-profesionals is opening at Alive Café.


Alive Café


Alive Café Photographic Art Exhibition 2014 will showcase the photographic work of non-professional, amateur and hobby photographers. We are encouraging the use of creative framing and display techniques to create a dynamic and engaging exhibition space. With live music and delightful catering, guests will be able to enjoy a relaxed community evening while experiencing the photographic art exhibition. The theme, A Tourist In Your Own Town, allows for all Capetonians to feature unique aspects of their home territory and exhibit them in Muizenberg at Alive Café during the Muizenberg Festival 2014.


11 Atlantic Road, Muizenburg from 7pm.



Between 10 and 5