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Openings This Week: JHB | Photography, Sculpture, Intervention and Illustration

This week’s art openings are a diverse bunch. There’s a retrospective look through photographs at life in Yeoville, a tongue-in-cheek exhibition/intervention that explores love and ‘black love’ in complex urban settings, Angus Taylor gets explicit and implicit, a student photographic exhibition exploring SA youth culture, an illustration collective unpacks the Eureka Movement, another instalment of Design Share Party, and Peter Mammes investigates civilisation through drawing.


Thursday 23 October 2014


Living in Yeoville Revisited, by Gideon Mendel



Gallery MOMO, 52 7th Avenue Parktown North


More info on the gallery website.



Corner Loving, by MADEYOULOOK




An exhibition on the practice of lovers meeting on street corners, an exploration of love and ‘black love’ in complex urban settings. MADEYOULOOK is interested in unpacking ordinary acts that may be overlooked as simple and inconsequential, but through deeper reflection, act as vehicles for multi-layered conversations. The exhibition features drawings of corners, texts from historical archives and by contemporary writers, as well as a lecture series that explores the various thematic aspects represented in corner loving. MADEYOULOOK is is Molemo Moiloa and Nare Mokgotho.


GoetheonMain, Arts on Main, Maboneng


More info on the Facebook event page.



From Explicit to Implicit, by Angus Taylor




Everard Read Gallery, 6 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank


More info on the Facebook event page. 



Umuzi exhibition: Ke Nna Mang? | Who am I?




“We are not the doctors and professors that our parents dreamt of, nor are we the dihloka tsebe, rebellious youth, that they think we have become. We are simply on our own journey. And just because they cannot see the path, doesn’t mean that this is a place where we shouldn’t walk.” Umuzi, in collaboration with Jo’burg’s leading creative agencies presents Ke Nna Mang? | Who am I? an exhibition exploring South African youth identity.


Umuzi Photo Club, 28 Madison Street, Jeppestown


More info on the Facebook even page. 



The Design Share Party Vol. 10





The Design Share Party is a monthly gathering where we invite Artists and people concerned with Art to come share their work and inspiration. This month we feature David Tshabalala Leigh le Roux & Romz DeluxeDJ.


The Bannister Hotel, 9 De Beer Street, Braamfontein


More info on the Facebook event page. 



Friday 24 October 2014


Surfaces, an exhibition by Driehoek 




Driehoek is Megan Bird, Lizanne Visser and Nolene Gerber. We like to tell stories through our works; small little narratives to which the viewer can create beginnings and ends. Pieces that let people get entangled in nostalgic fantasy worlds. In this exhibition, we explore the Eureka movement. Focusing on the scientific and in this particular case, the squishy bits. The Eureka movement is a movement of discovery and intellectual enrichment, making information accessible and understandable to the people.


Wolves, 4 Corlett Drive, Illovo


More info on the Driehoek Facebook page. 



Sunday 26 October 2014


Triumph Prosthetics for the People, by Peter Mammes




Peter Mammes’ investigation of the fluid nature of civilization, the underlying nature of how events really were and how circumstances would probably be perpetuated regardless of what we were meant to learn from history. Mammes has worked on his distinctive style of drawing by collecting subject matter from strange and far away locations, he has also incorporated found objects like unwashed blankets and sheets from mental hospitals. The drawings are simultaneously a critique and homage to dubious figures and sinister subjects that can be interpreted in multiple ways and has purposefully been illustrated in an unambiguous way.


NIROXprojects, Arts on Main, Maboneng


More info on the Facebook event page. 


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