Ads This Week: SARS, Sweet Chilli and A Dad with Daughters


We’ve got lots to show you in Ads This Week. First up, for DStv, a loving dad to 3 daughters tries to catch the rugby game on a Saturday afternoon; the hugely popular Cadbury ‘Triplets’ campaign gets a sweet extension; hearts are racing for Garmin; unexpected extra players take to the field in an ad for Bell Lager; Disprin recruits a lively church choir; Wellington’s sweet chilli sauce is personified; there’s a serious reminder from SARS; Total is depicted as a wonderland for an adorable little boy; the new Liberty ad is inspired by the origins of the company; and lastly Checkers provides a pair of quintessentially South African cameos from Nataniel and Mandoza.


DStv ‘Man Cave’ by Ogilvy Johannesburg and Darling



This ad for DStv by Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg was directed by Darling’s Jeana Theron and tells the story about a father in a family of all women to show what’s included in a DStv Premium package (two TV stations at the same time, live streaming and  programs to download on your iPad.) All dad wants to do is watch the rugby after a Saturday morning’s shop – but all the women in his life manage to get to every TV before him. Jeana let us know more about how she answered the brief, “The biggest challenge to make the ad work was in the casting. I had to get the fine line between a dad who loves his family so much that he lets them do as they please – but not be perceived as a wimp and seem weak or hen pecked at the same time. This could make you dislike him, and I wanted you to have empathy for him.


I really feel we successfully achieved this – dad (Craig Urbani) was fantastic and is a superb actor. He pulled this off and had such great repot with his “family” because of his natural charisma. Similarly I didn’t want you to dislike the girls – there was the danger of this because they all take over the house and are inconsiderate to him. Again, we managed to cast really lovely girls and another superb actress in mom whose crying scene and skill with the children was also phenomenal. And then there was the little girl – the cutest child I ever did see.” Marc Algranti from Pulse had his team compose the track – which was inspired by Dean Martin’s.


The Cadbury Dairy Milk Triplets are named


CadburyCadbury Cadbury


Following the very popular Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg and Velocity Films TVC ‘Triplets’ for Cadbury Dairy Milk, the brand launched a crowd-sourcing campaign over social media looking for joyous South African names to call the three singing, dancing unborn babies from the ad. With the announcement of the chosen names, Thabiso, Intokozo and Gcobani, the brand released ‘The Little Book of Joy’, a collection of South Africa’s most joyful baby names and their meanings.


Where were you when you last felt alive? King James II for Garmin





These two TV commercials make up a new brand campaign for Garmin titled: Where were you when you last felt alive?  The campaign is championed by their new action camera – the Garmin VIRB Elite and both commercials were filmed on location using the VIRB Elite camera itself. The VIRB Elite is the first action camera to include telemetry over video footage including heart rate, altitude, G-force, speed, distance, location, route and direction. It essentially makes point of view recording and viewing more real than it’s ever been. What makes these pieces different is that instead of the usual extreme sport footage we get to see so often from action cameras, we experience real and relatable human adventures and get to feel them too.



Agency: King James II
Client: Garmin
Executive Creative Director: Rob McLennan, Graeme Jenner
Art Director: Jacques Gross
Writer: Dave Everson
Account Manager: Christopher Schilperoot
Strategist: Lesego Kotane
Agency Producer: Tanja Rae
Production House: Team Best
Director: Bryan Van Niekerk, Asher Stoltz
Producer: Eduan Van Jaarsveldt
DOP: Brendan Barnes
Wardrobe: Sian Levieux
Cast: Shoki Mokgape, Garth Breytenbach
Post production: Mushroom Media
Audio: Sterling Sound
Sound Engineer: Lorens Persson


Bell Lager ‘Extra Players’ by FoxP2 and Giant Films




This Ugandan commercial for Bell Lager was directed by Giant Films’ Robin Goode for FoxP2. In it, some extra players are added to a football game to see if the players will smile through the goat joke and qualify to be part of the Bell Nation. Searle Street Post handled the post-production.


Gone in 12 Seconds… Bouffant and Havas Worldwide for Disprin



Petar Spiljevic, who recently joined Bouffant, directed this upbeat Disprin commercial for Havas Worldwide. The ad reveals a simple solution to relieve annoying headaches.


MacDuff and Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town for Wellington’s Sweet Chilli Sauce



A series of funny ads by Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town for Wellington’s Sweet Chilli Sauce directed by Dave Meinert of MacDuff films and each executed in one single take.


SARS “There’s more to be gained from being honest” by FCB South Africa and Velocity Films



Velocity Films’ Rob Malpage, in collaboration with FCB South Africa, directed two very different stories for SARS but with equally thought-provoking messages, and a fundamental link between the two.



Agency: FCB
Creative Director: Gareth Paul
Senior Art Director: Ross Makepeace
Senior Copywriter: Francois Delport
Agency Producer: Noeleen Burley

Production Company: Velocity Films
Director: Rob Malpage
Producer: Cat Lindsay
Director of Photography: Rob Malpage
Production Art Director: Julie Bonnett

Editor & Company: Nic Goodwin – Left Post Production
Visual Effects Company and person: Nick Horsford – Animation & VFX – MOI, Davrin Wong – VFX & Online – MOI
Music Company/Composer/Sound: Adam Howard – Howard Music (ORIGINAL SCORE)
Post Production Online: Ministry of Illusion
Post Production Offline: Left Post Production


Total ‘Wonderland’ by Havas Worldwide and Bouffant



Bouffant director Marc Sidelsky, together with Havas Worldwide, shows the magical discovery and exploration of a TOTAL petrol station through the eyes of a young boy. The intention of the commercial is to create an emotive connection between the brand and the public; showcasing the TOTAL  station in a way that is sincere, enchanting and gently interwoven with a father-son tale. The commercial was edited by Marcelle Mouton at Deepend Post.



Agency: Havas Worldwide

Creative Director: Fiona O’Connor

Agency Producer: Leanne Carr, Sindi Hirschowitz

Agency Art Director: Jonathan Wolberg

Copywriter: Paul Frade

Production Company: Bouffant

Director: Marc Sidelsky

Producer: Sanra Broekman

Exec Producer: Peter Carr

Director of Photography: Tim Pike

Production Art Director: Gerhard van Zyl

Editor & Company: Marcelle Mouton at Deepend Post

Visual Effects Company: Splash FX

Post Production Online:  Splash FX

Post Production Offline: Deepend Post


Liberty ‘Paycheck’ by FoxP2




After a lifetime of giving his all, the father of Liberty founder Donald Gordon retired on a paycheck of just R28. So, because Donald knew, all too well, the pain of watching his own father unable to afford retirement, he introduced Liberty Umbrella Funds to this country – a way for businesses of any size to offer their employees the retirement they deserve. The ad was directed by Riverstone Films’ Jeremy Holden for FoxP2, with post production by Searle Street Post. “To make the time-lapse sequence work, we had to shoot several layers of action with a motion control rig,” says Searle Street Post creative director and VFX supervisor Heino Henning. “With such a complex and VFX intensive project, we had to nail it in pre-production. So we partnered with Luma to create a previz of the entire time-lapse sequence. This served as the blueprint for the camera moves and timing of the various actions during the plates shoot.” Lead Flame artist Naomi Anderlini was assisted by comp artist Graeme Armstrong and Theuns van Rensburg.


#SizzleSizzle Outtakes for Checkers Championship Boerewors 2014





Outtakes from the latest Checkers ad featuring Nataniel and Mandoza.

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