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Sunday's Child

Openings This Week: CT | Scintilla, ‘Plakkers’ and The Nature of Stuff and Things

It’s First Thursdays this week, which (as you know by now) means tons of new exhibitions are opening in Cape Town. There’s an exploration of scintilla, a group show titled Plakkers and a Miranda Moss solo exhibition titled The Nature of Stuff and Things. Also look out for new work by Chris Auret, Kirsten Beets and Wilhelm Venter. Here are the details


Tuesday, 4 November


You Have My Word, a solo exhibition by Chris Auret is opening at Muti Gallery.


You Have My Word


The exhibition comprises of photographs with hand-painted writings, paintings on canvas and glass, a video element, as well as abstract works – all touching on themes of self-discovery, what it means for me to be an artist, an exploration of the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as the conscious and subconscious mind and more. As a commitment to my creative practice I will be living in (not limited to) the gallery window throughout the duration of the show.


3 Vredehoek Avenue, Oranjezicht from 6pm.



FABRICATE, an exhibition of work by Handspring Puppet Company is opening at the AVA Gallery.




Handspring Puppet Company is a multiple award-winning leader in international theatre. FABRICATE, their forthcoming exhibition at the AVA Gallery, is a survey of key productions that – together with evidence of studio experiments, sketches and drawings, music and interviews, theatrical appearances, seminars and talks, film screenings and master-classes – demonstrate the exhilarating and sweeping breadth of their work.


35 Church Street from 6pm. Exhibition runs until 30 January 2015.



#AWKS / a series of non-events, an online illustration sale goes live.


#AWKS / a series of non-events


An online auction of illustrations by Koos Groenewald is taking place on Instagram. Bidding takes place from 7pm – 9pm and start at R50, comment to bid and highest bidder at exactly 9pm is the “winner”.


Follow Koos on Instagram for updates and to bid.



Wednesday, 5 November


Sunday’s Child, a solo exhibition of paintings by Kirsten Beets is opening at Salon91.


Sunday's Child


Kirsten’s main subjects and themes are centered around the manner in which people interact with nature in a recreational way, usually observing things from a high vantage point and then neatly rendering them in minute detail. Observations of people, places and objects (and sometimes the imaginative thoughts that were produced by them) thus recorded, transfer a fleeting moment into a physical object; elevating their significance as touchstones of memory.


91 Kloof Street from 6:30pm. Exhibition runs until 1 December 2014.



Thursday, 6 November


Three exhibitions are opening at Brundyn+.


The Nature of Stuff and Things by Miranda Moss is opening in Room 1 at Brundyn+.


The Nature of Stuff and Things


Toying with the representation of Nature as a pure and extra-cultural phenomenon, The Nature of Stuff and Things positions environments as deeply embedded in systems of interaction and exchange. Landscape, an idea inseparable from convention, is used as a medium to explore how personal, economic and visual value structures are projected onto the exterior world. The “things” hail from an imaginary terrain, where anomalies are the status quo and matter mischievously imitates its observers’ personal quirks and desires; a mirage replete with existential predicaments and riddled with logical fallacies.


Tower by Tom Cullberg is opening in Room 2 at Brundyn+.




Tower continues Cullberg’s intuitive dialogue between figuration and abstraction through a series of new paintings and sculptural works. Moving away from some of the more directly associative sources of imagery in previous exhibitions, the new body of work is simultaneously more deeply personal for the artist and thematically open for the viewer. Cullberg intends for his paintings in Tower to be read in dialogue with each other rather than in isolation, activating them in different ways. Viewed as a whole, the works take on an installation-like quality.


A group exhibition titled Plakkers is opening in Room 3 at Brundyn+.




The exhibition brings into conversation some of the many voices of visual dissent taking place in the city. “The wall” is a common motif in these artists’ works, either as the site where the work is placed or as the very content of the work itself. As a versatile Afrikaans word meaning either stickers, decorators, squatters or pesters, Plakkers echoes this motif but also places the show within the vernacular register of everyday Cape Town news headlines where “land is invaded” and “squatters evicted”.


170 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town from 5pm. Exhibition runs until 3 December.



PRINTED, a selection of editioned work produced at the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) will be on show at Ebony.




Artists include Deborah Bell, William Kentridge, Sam Nhlengethwa, Senzo Shabangu, Sam Nhlengethwa.


67 Loop Street from 5pm. Exhibition runs until 3 December.



A group show titled Scintilla: An Alchemy Show is opening at Commune 1.


Scintilla: An Alchemy Show


Practise-led and oriented towards intuitive connections, artwork can reveal an encounter with the scintilla in whichever form or guise it may take. Through the creative act, the artist-as-alchemist combines, transforms and creates to manifest aesthetic forms of discovery and magic. In Scintilla: An Alchemy Show, a selection of international and South African artists present inspired responses to this concept.

Artists include Lynette Bester, Justin Fiske, Jonathan Freemantle, Nicholas Hales, Rudi le Hane, Luke Kaplan, Nina Liebenberg, Jabulani Maseko, Mitchell Gilbert Messina, Bongani Njalo, Lauren Palte, Gaelen Pinnock, Gabrielle Raaff, Chad Rossouw, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Marlene Steyn, Simeon Nelson, Moffat Takadiwa and Jo Voysey.


64 Wale Street from 5pm. Exhibition runs until 13 December.



Lacrymal, a solo exhibition of works by Arouni is opening at WorldArt.




Lacrymal is a word that relates to tears. Tears are many things, of which sadness is only one. Joy, fear, excitement, anger – they’re all relevant. It is a beautiful word, shrouded in mystery. French born Cape Town based artist Arouni’s paintings introduce a world of robotic figures with an emotional touch. “In adult life we play and we parade…with masks. Would the children that we were, be satisfied with the adult that we have become?” she asks.


54 Church Street from 5pm. Exhibition runs until 29 November 2014.



Asking for It?, a series of paintings by Maria Patrizi is opening at StateoftheART


Maria Patrizi Asking for It?


This series of paintings is the artist’s response to the excuse often given that clothes are responsible for rape. Women displaying their femininity and/or sensuality, are considered to be handing out an open invitation to being verbally or sexually abused.


61 Shortmarket Street from 5pm.



Inscapes, a series of landscape paintings by Ian Hunter is opening at Chandler House’s ‘Die Voorkamer’.


 Ian Hunter


53 Church Street from 5pm.



Rite of Ritual, an exhibition by Andy Ellis is opening at Stable.


Rite of Ritual


65 Loop Street (Cnr Hout) from 6pm.



Friday, 7 November


American Road Trip, a photographic exhibition by Wilhelm Venter is opening.


American Road Trip


130 Adderley Street, 2nd floor from 6 – 9pm.


See more of Wilhelm’s photography.



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