Oh Wow! – Sentiments For All Occasions, Coloured Poetry and the Eye of the Sun.

Wowza, we’re already a week into November! And what a week it was – today we’ve rounded up some absolute gems for you, including witty illustrations that are automatically tweeted each day, two great new EPs, a seriously funny tumblr with coloured “poems” placed over Nat Geo-type images and lots more. Happy looking/listening!


ONE – A poster by Micheal Tymbios for Sacha Sultan‘s film Hands Folding Heads.




TWO – Tracks from Fantama‘s ‘Eye of the Sun’ EP, which is currently streaming in full on Dazed Digital and goes on sale on Monday.




THREE – The artwork for Petite Noir‘s debut EP, ‘The King of Anxiety’.


Petit Noir - The King of Anxiety


FOURSentiments For All Occasions, a project by Nathan Gates. Using a twitter bot application he wrote, one from a collection of ink drawings is randomly selected and published on twitter once a day with the hashtag #SentimentsForAllOccasions.


#SentimentsForAllOccasions by Nathan Gates (1)

#SentimentsForAllOccasions by Nathan Gates (3)

#SentimentsForAllOccasions by Nathan Gates (2)

#SentimentsForAllOccasions by Nathan Gates (4)

#SentimentsForAllOccasions by Nathan Gates (5)


FIVESwans, a series of photos of the Cape Town City Ballet by Lar Rattray.



Swans by Lar (3)



Swans by Lar 1




SIX Black Lives Matter, a gif by Pola Maneli made in “solidarity for the countless black lives lost to corrupt police, not only in America, but all over the world”.




SEVEN In Full Bloom, a sporty Spring shoot for Marie Claire photographed by Travys Owen with styling by Andrea Albertyn and flowers by Supernatural.


In Full Bloom shot by Travys Owen (1)

In Full Bloom shot by Travys Owen (2)

In Full Bloom shot by Travys Owen (3)


EIGHT – A teaser film featuring B-boy Bax for 2Bop‘s new range, LITEPHASE 02.

Directors: Bradley Abrahams and Eeb Hajee | Production: Andre Bird | Shot and edited: Jess James Harris | Second camera: Neil Burton



NINEColoured Poetry, a rather hilarious new tumblr account.


Coloured Poetry (5)

Coloured Poetry (4)

Coloured Poetry (2)



Coloured Poetry (6)


TENHello Beautiful, the moniker of musician Matthieu Auriacombe, released his new self-titled EP. The album art is by Dylan Culhane – see more here of it here.



ELEVEN – Murals for Cape Town Art Street by Anja Venter, Atang Tshikare, Ninjabreadboy and Jade Klara.






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