Tok Tokkie: A Journey Through Small Town South Africa


‘Tok Tokkie’ is a South African word for that naughty, exhilarating game you played by ringing a doorbell and then running away (as fast as you could) when you were finally old enough to walk the streets without your parents holding your hand. ‘Tok Tokkie’, or ‘Ring and Run’, is usually spurred on by a group of friends who are all living off the exciting rush that comes with being an early teen.


For five recent film graduates, ‘Tok Tokkie’ is the name of their proposed documentary that hopes to record a cross country road trip around South Africa. Their plan is to meet new and interesting people from small town areas, telling their stories through photographs and short films. They’ll be doing more than knocking on unknown doors, they’ll be uncovering personal experiences and accumulating a unique perspective on South Africa’s diverse and intriguing culture. Let’s just hope that this time, they won’t have to run away.


The team:

Bekker-Brand Janse van Rensburg

Olivia Mortimer

Jan Du Plessis

Hannah Hamilton

Ofentse Moatshe


Check out their Indigogo site to find out more.




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