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‘Colours of You’ by Gerard Addison


Gerard Addison’s main goal is “to encourage people to embrace their true colours, laugh, smile and connect”. This is something that’s often easier said than done but Gerard achieved this with a recent exhibition called ‘Colours of You’. What started out as a ‘one night only’ exhibition on 25 October in Port Elizabeth is turning into a continued campaign.  Gerard aims to encourage expression and interaction by using art and design to communicate South Africa’s cultural diversity and vibrancy.


Gerard is a graphic designer who is always looking for visual inspiration. “As a designer,” he explains, “I believe art and design has the power to colour our minds, giving its audience a refreshed perspective”.  His Colours of You event worked at showcasing local illustration, graphic design and photography from PE. To keep everyone laughing, comedian Donovan Goliath was invited as special guest and this combination of art with entertainment made for a memorable evening in the ‘Friendly City’. Gerard aims to organise more Colours of You exhibitions to further promote the power of pens and paint on paper, with focus on Port Elizabeth’s local art scene.


You can find out more on the Facebook page and Behance gallery.




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