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#NowPlaying: ‘Melanin’ by Modise Sepeng (Negritude Republic)



Modise Sepeng is a Johannesburg-based graphic designer and visual artist, working to reflect on and draw attention to his heritage. Just over a year ago he began a project called Negritude Republic which includes illustrations of Nelson Mandela, an African Goddess, Steve Biko, Shaka Zulu and an Afro (Mona) Lisa. Modise’s plan is to grow Negritude Republic into a lifestyle brand, creating apparel that celebrates shared African history.


For this week’s edition of #NowPlaying, he’s put together a playlist for us titled ‘Melanin’ and it features a whopper of 14 tracks starting with ASA’s gorgeous track Bamidele all the way through to My Lady Frustration by Fela Kuti. Have a listen!




Melanin from between10and5 on 8tracks Radio.




  1. Bamidele – ASA
  2. Euphraxia – SZA
  3. Love Dog – TV On The Radio
  4. This N that without Tempo – Something Soweto
  5. Midnight – 340 ml
  6. People of the Light – Tumi and the Volume
  7. Homie.Lover.Friend – Moruf
  8. Almost There – Absoul
  9. Summer in the City – Absoul
  10. Travellin’ Man – Mos Def
  11. The Story Behind Pain – Tumi and the Volume
  12. His Pain II – BJ The Chicago Kid
  13. The Otherside – The Roots
  14. My Lady Frustration – Fela Anikulapo Kuti


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