FIGMENT | Black by Black Coffee



FIGMENT is the first collection of Black Coffee’s new diffusion line, Black by Black Coffee. The collection launched at SA FAshion Week A\W, bringing Jacques van der Watt’s creative vision to ready-to-wear. FIGMENT maintains the label’s core principles of loyalty to local traditionalism with the approach of modernist fundamentalism, where construction is paramount and attention to detail subtly blends into beauty and innovation.


Inspired by the works of surrealist René Magritte and the master of impossible reality M.C. Escher, FIGMENT challenges perceptions of the familiar. The collection explores the fun side of the sublime and the romance of duality. The layered, whimsical prints coupled with clean feminine silhouettes echo the tranquil moments of daydream often lost in our technological era.


Surreal motifs including birds, empty cages, eyes, stark landscapes and impossible patterns recur across the collection, and a cool wintery palette of soft taupe and earth tones, accentuated by emerald green (reminiscent of a starling), evoke a classical sublime dreamscape.


FIGMENT launched under the umbrella of the SA Fashion Week Fusion Project with sponsorship from the City of Ekurhuleni. The accessories – whimsical mesh headpieces, macabre pendants, geometric chokers, and beaded trim details – were crafted in a series of workshops held over two months with Black Coffee and members of the Ekurhuleni community. Techniques include wire work, crochet, hand painting, leather finishes and beading all under the direction and mentorship of designer Jacques van der Watt. They will be produced on an on-going basis providing local crafters with a steady income stream. 

FIGMENT will be available in stores in February 2015.


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All images courtesy of Simon Deiner / SDR Photos


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