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#NowPlaying: ‘Music To Make Your Ears Bleed’ by Graham Paterson

#NowPlaying: Graham Paterson


How about some Music To Make Your Ears Bleed? If that sounds like a vibe to you, you’ve got Graham Paterson to thank – the Cape Town-based illustrator, graphic designer and art director at Made Agency who put this edition of #NowPlaying together. His mostly punk rock playlist features the likes of Dillinger Four, The Menzingers, None More Black, A Wilhelm Scream, Dear Landlord and New Mexican Disaster Squad – it’s seriously awesome.


More from Graham on, or keep up with him on Twitter and Behance.


Music To Make Your Ears Bleed from between10and5 on 8tracks Radio.




  1. Ode To The North American Snake Oil Distributor – Dillinger Four (C I V I L W A R)
  2. Eulogy – The Flatliners (The Great Awake)
  3. I Can’t Seem To Tell – The Menzingers (On The Impossible Past)
  4. Faux-Fire, Faux-Gold – The Hunters (Promises)
  5. Shine – Smoke Or Fire (This Sinking Ship)
  6. Driven – Crusades (The Sun is Down and The Night is Riding In)
  7. Mr. Artistic – None More Black (Icons)
  8. The March of Dissent – Hit the Switch (Domestic Tranquility & Social)
  9. I Live in Hell – Dear Landlord (Dream Home)
  10. I’d Rather Be Part of the Dyin – The Sainte Catherines (Dancing for Decadence)
  11. We Built This City! (On Debts And Booze) – A Wilhelm Scream (Career Suicide)
  12. Coughing Up Blood – New Mexican Disaster Squad (Don’t Believe)
  13. Animals And Children – Western Addiction (Cognicide)


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