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WISHLIST: Milliner and Stylist, Crystal Birch


Crystal Birch (The Real Crystal Birch) is a milliner and fashion forward stylist. She makes awesome sculptural head pieces, has an eye for styling men and prioritises quality. She likes things that are bold, bright and life-appropriate. Her work’s been published around the world in leading fashion and lifestyle magazines and she’s even worked for McDonalds (a burger hat, perhaps?). Here are her 10 wished-for local products – even more reasons to love SA.


1 / Tetris Puzzler MISSIBABA Handbag
So many amazing bags to choose from! I also would like the Black Patent with colour (but can’t find it online!).



2 / MAXHOSA by LADUMA Krismis Jumper
Even in our summer you need a Krismis Jumper. I love Laduma and the quality is next level!



3 / DOKTER + MISSES LALA Shwantla Drinks Cabinet
I initially wanted a hat stand for my new studio and then saw this incredible piece, we will need a drinks cabinet to celebrate the studio, season and year end!



4 / KNOT Macrame Plant Hangers by Kirsten Townsend
I want to fill my house and studio with more plants and Kirsten’s black Macrame plant hangers are sleek and cool.



5 / SIMON&MARY yellow Safari Hat
I love Dean, fellow milliner, and I love yellow. I need to get my yellow Safari on this summer.



6 / Customised Bicycle from CYCLEWORKS by ATANG TSHIKARE
This holiday I will only sleep, cycle, party, cook, sleep, cycle, eat…repeat. I’ve always wanted a sleek bike with Atang’s handwriting all over it.



7 / IDA ELSJE Earrings
Ida recently made these curled up leaf golden earrings that look like mini sculptures. HOT!



8 / FAMKE Customized Ring
I’ve been eyeing one at their Watershed store.



I love love these ceramics. I like the one with sex written all over the brain, or the ones with flowers in – the proteas that look like brains!



10 / NICO KRIJNO + JODY PAULSEN massive print
This is to remind me of the cool things that are happening outside my studio. Their print parties are my favourite!





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