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Fantasma’s Debut Music Video for ‘Eye of the Sun’


Right from the start there has been a strong visual aspect to Fantasma, a ‘superband’ fronted by Afro-futurist artist Spoek Mathambo. The producer/singer/rapper recruited diverse members from across South Africa – electronica producer DJ Spoko, traditional Zulu instrumentalist Bhekisenzo Cele and psychedelic rock guitarist Andre Geldenhuys – converging in a sound that’s unlike anything we’ve heard before. We were first introduced to the group in April this year, through a series of photographs by Kent Andreasen. Fantasma’s latest visual offering is a new music video for ‘Eye of the Sun’, the lead song off their debut EP featuring Moonchild.


Directed by Travys Owen with styling by Gabrielle Kannemeyer, the video is a spectacular trip into a world of magical realism. It is set in a harsh Karoo landscape that would otherwise feel very familiar; a place where the clouds move like a hyperlapse and the colours change before our eyes, as we’re presented with a series of strange encounters and sights. What makes these all the more bizarre and interesting is the fact that they’re inspired by the band’s own experiences. “There’s a supernatural element to everyone in the group,” Spoek told Thump. “Everyone’s always trading mad stories. There was this one weird day where we saw a huge snake, a whale and out of nowhere, a huge rainbow. Things feel kind of spooky a lot.”


Fantasma’s ‘Eye of the Sun’ EP is out on Soundway Records.


Director: Travys Owen
Wardrobe and Styling: Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Cinematography: Stan Kaplan and Travys Owen
Editing and post production: Dylan Wrankmore
Additional effects: Sabrina Ratté
Produced by: Sevi Spanoudi at Black Major


Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (2)

Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (3)

Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (5)

Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (4)

Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (6)

Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (8)

Fantasma 'Eye of the Sun' (1)


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