WISHLIST: Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin of Dokter and Misses

Dokter and Misses


From their workshop in Braamfonetin, Dokter and Misses design and produce a selection of furniture, lighting and objects. The brand is the venture of husband and wife duo Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin, whose style and approach are often characterised by bold modernist lines, graphic patterns and a sense of humour. Their own products have already featured a few times in our WISHLIST series and so, in turn, we were curious to find out what it takes to capture their attention. From metallic rocks to tropical plants, these are the 10 locally designed/made/grown things on Adriaan and Katy’s WISHLIST.


1 / Silver Rock cushions by Ronel Jordaan

Always loved the marble-like rock cushions but these silver versions are taking things to the next level!


Silver Rocks by Ronel Jordaan


2 / Nico Krijno‘s Synonym Study photobook

Always so tough to choose just one of Nico’s prints so we’ll go with this nice book.



3 / L’MAD Collection

Every single scarf in the L’MAD Collection – don’t make me chose.




4 / Corkabitation triangular seat by Wiid Design

Love the shape of these benches.




5 / Marlena candle holder by Joe Paine

Because we all need a set of levitating candles for the festive season.


5 Marlena Candle Holders by Joe Paine


6 / A Tropical Pitcher plant from Jozi Carnivores

New plant obsession, the pitcher plants are missing from our collection.


Tropical Pitcher


7 / Missibaba’s James lumo laptop sleeve

Need and want.


missibaba-laptop sleeve


8 / Mobile by David Ross

Who doesn’t need a mobile in their art collection?




9 / Quaker Chair by Gregor Jenkin

An all-time favourite for long drawn-out dinner parties.




10 / 1.639 Untitle by Zander Blom

Because Zander Blom.




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