Street life: 12 of SA’s freshest street style crews and photographers

This summer, to make noise about their new Angry Lemon drink, Savanna has launched the #QuestForZest and is asking South Africans what ‘zest’ means to them to stand a chance to win a grand prize. But instead of just telling you about this, we decided to join in and answer their question…

South African street style is a shock of bright colours and bold personalities. Ingenuity is the name of the game and being noticed is the main prize. Gone are the days of copy-catting international trends; local stylistas are all about finding and expressing their own uniquely South African identity and sharing this with the rest of the world, which is increasingly taking notice. We rounded up some of the coolest street style crews and the dedicated photographers who document their quest for zest.

Jeff Loves Photography is the fashion, style and photography blog of Jeff Rikhotso. Jeff has also teamed up with Bob The Stylist to create Jozi Style Diaries.


Jeff Loves PhotographyJeff Loves Photography

Boys of Soweto is a style and fashion crew that approach fashion from an urban, vintage and futuristic perspective. BOS is led by Bobo Vusumuzi Ndima, aka Bob The Stylist. Follow him on Twitter @BobtheStylist and on Instagram @bobthestylist.

“Our goal is to use the language of vogue and style to convey our stories.”

BOS BOS1 BOS3 tumblr_n61ac2f5aZ1qir7ipo4_1280

The Local Collective is Philia and Tony Gum, two Cape Town girls who together capture their colourful life in the Mother City. TLC are inspired by music, fashion, culture and people. Follow TLC on Twitter @collectivetlc and Instagram @the_localcollective.

“We want to expose Cape Town lifestyle, not only by our dynamic means but through our cultural backgrounds too. Our objective is to make being South African as desirable as it is to be any other mainstream nationality.”

The Local CollectiveThe Local CollectiveThe Local Collective

Khumbula is is a collective of fashion conscious individuals based in Jozi. Besides being a fashion band, they regard themselves as artists on a quest to change international perceptions of the African image. The name of the collective is the isiZulu word for ‘remember’, and together, they “advocate for the sartorial groove.” Khumbula is Andile Biyana, Bafana Mthembu aka The Queen of Spades, David Maledimo, and photographer Harness Hamese. Loux The Vintage Guru, the Namibian-born “epitome of everything vintage” is a regular collaborator. Follow Loux on Instagram @louxthevintageguru.

“Turning back the clock for something fashion forward.”

Khumbula Khumbula Khumbula Khumbulatumblr_neegq5Yw7o1spkf03o1_1280

Anthony Bila is The Expressionista street style photographer and artist. His blog is a portal for what’s hot and hip on SA streets for local and international style fiends.

“I love being creative, the opportunity to express myself is what I treasure most. This is my journey, come with me & enjoy the ride.”

Anthony Bila Anthony Bila Anthony Bila Anthony Bila Anthony Bila

Rebels Without Pause is the the moniker of professional street style photographer and blogger Chisanga Mubanga. Chisanga moves in all the right fashionable circles, documenting Jozi’s most stylish dressers. Follow him on Twitter @ChisangaMubanga and on Instagram @CoolCoolBeverage.

Rebels Without Pause Rebels Without Pause Rebels Without Pause Rebels Without Pause

Michelle Oberholzer is Cinder and Skylark, a street style photographer from Cape Town. Her photographs capture the boldest and the bravest fashionistas whose personal style reflects the dynamic face of South African youth culture.

Cinder and Skylark Cinder and Skylark Cinder and Skylark Cinder and Skylark Cinder and Skylark

The original street style crew, Justice, Innocent and Vuyo of I See A Different You have been sharing South African street style with the world and changing international perceptions on SA youth identity. Read our interview with the trio here.

“A trio collective from Soweto, portraying South Africa as they see it.”

tumblr_mi23iwhxE81r7fjovo1_1280 tumblr_n4sgtupC1o1r7fjovo1_1280 tumblr_nahuhiKYTC1r7fjovo1_1280 tumblr_nc1fu8Lk0N1r02laao1_1280

$tyle Tribe is Keith Ngcongo and Bonolo Moeng. The duo believe that both current and future problems facing the world will be solved by creatives. Together, as all-round creatives, they’re taking on this challenge. Read our interview with $tyle Tribe here and follow Keith on Twitter @sTylecHeiF_kEef and Bonolo @Style_cheefTess.

“We believe in a culture of expression through various means. Aesthetics, Fashion and Expression!!!”


Trevor Stuurman is the uber cool street style photographer behind the self-titled blog Stuurman Style Diary. His photographs capture the coolest of the cool kids and the most stylish personalities in SA. Follow Trevor on Instagram @Trevor_Stuurman.

Stuurman1 Stuurman2  Stuurman4 tumblr_nekg0p68o41r5pwyko1_r1_1280 tumblr_nbadtoPHnP1r5pwyko1_1280

According To Jerri is the fashion blog of Jerri Mokgofe. Whilst Jerri shares his views on fashion at large, he also has a penchant dressing up swag and snapping shots of other stylistas he encounters on the streets of SA. Follow Jerri on Twitter @jerrimokgofe and on Facebook.

According to Jerri According to Jerri According to Jerri According to Jerri

The Sartists are Kabelo Kungwane and Wanda Lephoto. The style duo are inspired by global trends and have crafted a signature look that has resulted in them being the face of numerous brand campaigns. Follow Kabelo on Twitter @kungwanheay and Wanda on Twitter @wanda_pronto

adi4 The-Sartist The-Sartists-1 The-Sartists-2

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