2BOP’s ‘Litephase 02’ Collection Launching Soon


2BOP’s soon-to-be-launched ‘Litephase 02’ collection commemorates the 10th anniversary of 2BOP Apparel. And for it they’ve reworked and remixed their favourite pieces from the past, collaborating with Daniel Ting Chong to produce and refresh their easy-to-wear range. They speak of “evoking a certain nostalgia through every piece”, with their collection looking renewed but recognisable.


“One of the first of these reissues sees the return of our very first collaboration with the mercurial Xander Ferreira, featuring nostalgic polaroid prints of arcade games from corner stores,” 2BOP explains. They’ve also picked and edited pieces that they felt were “slept on in their day”; clothes that were under-appreciated when first released or perhaps too trend-forward are now re-ready for the taking. “We wanted to see them in the wild again,” says 2BOP. And they believe they’ve hit on some future classics.


2BOP also reworked their iconic ‘Juicy’ print, giving it a monochromatic twist. A first ever ‘Donkey Kong Freudian Dream’ t-shirt is also included in their collection. “This nostalgic collection uses a variety of fabrics ranging from pastel organic hemp and organic cotton used in some of the headwear, to some synthetic fabrics and digital prints. Large parts of our childhoods have seeped into the collection, too, whether it’s the VHS all-over prints, or the basketball silhouettes, or even the ghosts of arcade games past,” they say, ending their statement with, “Remember, it’s only a serving suggestion.”


2Bop’s teaser video (which we included in this Oh Wow!) is just way too cool, in a good way. With that soundtrack, those moves and, most importantly, their clothes it’s almost addictive to watch. It’s simply shot, scenes transition between outfits effortlessly and their clothing line fits in smoothly.


Video credits:


Directors: Bradley Abrahams and Eeb Hajee

Production: Andre Bird

Shot and edited: Jess James Harris

Second camera: Neil Burton


2BOP’s new ‘Litephase 02’ collection launches at Smith & Abrahams on Saturday 6 December. Follow 2BOP’s Facebook page to stay updated.





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