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So, Happy in Cape Town? Spoof | The Elite vs The Anarchists



It started with a Facebook event – So, Happy In Cape Town presents WILD LOVE – promising a premier pop-up party hosted in Camps Bay at The Enigma Mansion (one of the country’s most prestigious residential properties set in palatial grounds of over 7,000 square metres) on Tuesday 16 December, a date which also happens to be South Africa’s Day of Reconciliation. The description goes on to describe the exclusive event as one that should be at the top of every social calendar, serving Moët & Chandon, Belvedere Vodka, shellfish and oysters to the sounds of an international DJ from St Tropez, overlooking the ground’s exotic gardens, waterways and temples. All at R1,500 per person.


Then came


Once you click through to the website, the spoof is instantly made apparent. The website is posed as a hub for more party info including a teaser video featuring that fun idea UberCHOPPER, more of what to expect, and your pressing questions answered, you know: what kind of people will be attending? is there a charity element? Here’s a short excerpt:


You’re no proletarian – as the scions of the elite we live the same glamorous life you’re used to and we’ve spared NO expenses. Endless streams of Moët & Chandon, golden buckets of caviar and a scale replica of Table Mountain carved entirely from cocaine represent just a hint of the pampering you can expect. Our Ibiza-style events are by invitation only and bring together the elite of society along with icons and influencers of the social scene.


So, Happy in Cape Town?So, Happy in Cape Town?So, Happy in Cape Town?


As you scroll down the satirical agenda dripping in sarcasm is revealed. In case you didn’t get it before, this is it, loud and clear:


If you stumbled across this insipid, bourgeois party for hyper-pampered rich kids and thought to yourself, “it’s just a bunch of extremely fortunate people having a party, I should let them be,” then you’re missing out on something: this isn’t just a party, it’s a celebration.

A celebration of ill-earned wealth gained from the exploited labour of others. A celebration of hundreds of years of white supremacy. A celebration of a sociopathic economic system, supported by a corrupt state, that rewards the very worst among us.


And finally, when you really, really want to know who is behind it all a link in red opens The 2014 Cape Town Anarchist Book Fair website. The event takes place this weekend (Saturday 6 December, 10am – 6pm at the Theatre Arts Collective in Observatory) and asks, “Everything is broken. How can we fix it?” The fourth annual event will focus on open conversations in a bid to figure out what to do about the problems Cape Town, South Africa and the world at large are facing.


Visit their website to find out more about the event.


Or if the original ‘So, Happy in Cape Town?’ event sounds more like your vibe, here’s the event page.


Between 10 and 5