2014 HIGHLIGHTS // The Most Viewed By You



We’re almost there! The glorious summer holidays await. But while we’ve still got you captive at your screens, here’s the first of our 2014 highlights. In 2012 we brought you the best of, in 2013 we brought you themed visual-treats, but this year for the first time we thought we’d kick things off analytically with a list of the posts that received the most page views this year. The posts that got you watching, sharing, ranting and refreshing.


What can we obviously deduce from your viewing habits? You went to AfrikaBurn this year and are possibly hoping not to find your parts in the post-party pics {10}, you won’t say no to beachy girls in (and out of) bikinis {7} but you’re redeemed because ideas doing good get you going {8} and judging by the comments you reeaally want to know the lyrics to ‘Pluto (Remember You)’ {1}.


You know when we need to have a serious conversation about the state of our country, and you bring it – thoughtfully, constructively, passionately {9}. You’re pro bandwagon-jumping {5}, dabble in onomastics {13}, listen to rap {4} but also enjoy tips for the home {12}. You’ve attempted a braai pie.


But most excitedly, you liked our Young South Africa video {6}. Thanks for watching!


Here’re your top 15, in order from most to least eyeballs. (Our favourites are coming soon.)


Click on the titles to take you through to the original posts for full credits, write-ups, interviews and more.


1. DJ Clock ft. Beatenberg, ‘Pluto (Remember You)’ Music Video




At the time of publishing (March 2014) this joint effort by DJ Clock and Beatenberg was topping charts as the most played song in SA. The video by Pilot Films stars Matthew Field, Ross Dorkin, Robin Brink and DJ Clock who each (on separate occasions) fall for the all too lovely love-interest played by Demi van der Westhuizen. The full moon at the end is still a highlight.



2. Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Triplets’ by Ogilvy Joburg




Cadbury Dairy Milk’s joyous ‘Triplets’ ad debuted on SA TV screens in July this year and went on to flight across Africa. The one page brief to Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg was to capture ‘irrepressible joy’. They answered with a story set in the womb where three unborn, singing and dancing bundles of joy perform The Soil’s can’t-help-but-feel-good “Joy (We Are Family)” in unison while their mother eats a Cadbury slab. This post was a personal favourite in the office not only for the adorable babes but for this comment:


“Why is da mother giving sexy eyes to that guy on the bus? He must know respect. He can’t have the chocolate. That chocolate for babies.”


3. Nando’s Blue Light Parade TVC




This ad from MetropolitanRepublic was published in August showing what happens when four ministerial cavalcades try to cross the same intersection at the same time. The minister of ‘Inland Fisheries’, the minister of ‘Stationery’ and two other imaginary ministers are all en route to important meetings when they nearly collide. A street fight almost ensues between their escorts as they argue about who is more important and who should have the right of way. Just before it gets serious, the situation is humorously diffused in a truly South African (and typically Nando’s) way.


4. Riky Rick ‘Nafukwa’ Music Video




Directed by Adriaan Louw, the charged music video for Riky Rick‘s NAFUKWA was released in July. Featuring Ganja Beatz (who produced the track) and the Boyznbucks crew, the video relays back and forth between the gritty streets of Westbury, Johannesburg and a starkly contrasting studio environment filled with African relics.


5. Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ | The Cape Town Remake



A group of 5 Cape Town filmmakers were so inspired by the music video for Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’ from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack that they created their very own fantastic Cape Town version. Staying true to the original video, dubbed the world’s first 24 hour music video, the local team too took on and nailed the challenge to make their video in just one day. With no budget.


6. A Video on Young South Africa Now




June is National Youth Month and also the time for our annual Young South Africa Series, a collection of interviews with SA’s most exciting and interesting young creatives. This year we teamed up with Velocity Afrika to make our first ever Young South Africa video. As the country commemorated The Soweto Uprising of June 16th 1976, this video took a look at Young South Africa now through the thoughts and work of upcoming creatives. They spoke to us about the local creative scene, SA youth culture and how they hope to see it growing in the future.


7. Featured: Henrik Purienne




Henrik Purienne is a South African born photographer and film director currently residing between Cape Town, Paris and Los Angeles. Finding themselves in a sun-drenched fantasy – or perhaps, a reality too fanciful to believe – the allure of Henrik’s subjects is both innocent and provocative.


In 2010 he founded Mirage, an international fashion magazine for which he is now the CoEditor-inChief and Creative Director. Purienne, Henrik’s book of summer holiday snapshots, portraits and outtakes was published by Prestel Publishing (Randomhouse) last year.


8. The Street Store | The World’s First Pop-up Charity Store




The Street Store is a concept by Kayli Levitan and Max Pazak who developed the idea at M&C Saatchi Abel for the Haven Night Shelter. We covered the story in January this year and since, the campaign has gone on to win multiple awards – both locally and abroad. The Street Store is the world’s first rent-free, premises-free, pop-up charity store, giving away clothes to the poor, mahala. The pop-up is made of posters on the sidewalk, and runs entirely on donations. It’s pretty simple: you bring clothes and shoes you don’t wear, and the homeless help themselves.


9. Domestic Bliss | A Series of Portraits by Alice Mann




This photo series by Cape Town photographer Alice Mann stirred up some heated debate in June this year – it was a conversation that we all needed to have and should continue having. As a result of high unemployment levels in South Africa many women are pressed into accepting minimum wage for their services, which is also the reason so many South African households are able to employ domestic workers on a full time basis. Alice Mann‘s series aimed to highlight the unique domestic environment in Cape Town’s wealthy Southern suburbs. Whether you supported the artist or thought she missed the mark entirely, the images opened a dialogue.


10. Bizarre AfrikaBurn Photos Come to Life by Lukas Renlund 



After collaborating with us on this AfrikaBurn post, Lukas Renlund worked flat out on this very special feature: Bringing to life a selection of his images that captured the weird and wonderful nature of AfrikaBurn through Motion Photography.


11. 7 Emerging Contemporary Painters You Need to Know About


Alexia Vogel

Alexia Vogel


A selection of seven young and emerging contemporary painters who we think you should keep an eye on, and who prove that the medium of painting is still very much alive and kicking. Each of these artists are honing their distinctive style, yet a common theme throughout each of their work is an acute reflexive understanding of the act of painting – of mark making, of traditional modes and of the context within which they’re working.


12. Suzelle DIY | A Bitesize Do-It-Yourself Web Series




We’re besotted with Suzelle DIY! And it seems you are too. In May we shared her first few videos in which she demonstrates a neater, more efficient and more elegant way of getting everyday chores around the house done. In the first four episodes we learned how to chop those pesky cherry tomatoes quick stix, how to make a terrarium, how to make curls with a GHD and how to drill a hole without making a mess.


Catch her at our Show & Tell this Thursday in Cape Town! 


13. The ABCs of Xhosa Names | A Series of Illustrated GIFs by Thandiwe Tshabalala




In the first half of this year South African Illustrator Thandiwe Tshabalala created a series of GIFs which celebrate the beautiful and unusual names in her mother tongue of Xhosa. The vibrant GIFs take us through the ‘ABCs of Xhosa Names’ such as Gcobani, Yonela and Sikelela, and they give us some insight into their meanings.


 14. A Vote NSPCA Campaign by The Hardy Boys




Over election time in May this year, The Hardy Boys distributed ‘Support the NSPCA’ posters which popped-up on lamp posts all around Durban. The stunt got you talking about whether it was an original idea – and whether that mattered considering the good cause – and got them a talking-to from Helen Zille on stage at the Loerie Awards.



15. The Boers At The End of The World 



In February this year the teaser for a documentary entitled The Boers at the End of the World was released. Just three and a half minutes in length, this video about a community of Afrikaner descendants eking out a rural life in a remote corner of Patagonia, has captured the attention of thousands of people and re-sparked questionings about what it is to be ‘South African’.  We spoke to Cape Town based filmmaker, Richard Finn Gregory who directed and produced the video, to have answered just some of our myriad questions about this amazing project. P.S. Check out the last remark in the comments section for a treat.


Stay tuned for more 2014 HIGHLIGHTS – from trends in art and design to the must-read interviews of the year to a bunch of visual, scrollable goodness to get lost in.


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