Academie’s Debut Music Video for their Multi-instrumentalist Single, ‘Sulphur’


Wife and husband duo, Jean-Lousie and Alex Parker, have launched their  Johannesburg-based band, Academie, with an eerily comforting debut single ‘Sulphur’. Their track and accompanying music video are eloquently explorative and you’re left wanting to listen to a complete album. Jean-Louise (Dear Reader, Fulka) and Alex (ISO, Tumi Molekane and Ross Jack) are both established musicians in South Africa, with Academie beautifully blending their multi-instrumentalist sounds.


“We wanted to merge the acoustic and electronic in a way that was seamless yet distinctive. By combining the vocals, viola, guitar and saxophone with the vocoder, drum samples and synthesizers we found a unique colour pallet from which to create. Sulphur is our first exploration into this world of married technologies.” (Academie)


Their track, Sulphur, is about choices; melancholy versus happiness, good versus evil, and the music video succeeds in representing these crossovers. It’s filmed in a house that looks like it comes out of a Scandinavian fairy-tale, belonging either to the pure princess or wicked witch. Their sound is nostalgic, peaceful and powerful. Jean-Louise’s voice is almost angelic against Alex’s bold beats that vibrate through sand, water and viola. It’s music you want to lie on a wooden floor and listen to, alone or with one other person, while you say nothing but think about the world.



Shot and Cut by Louis Minnaar
Assistance – Christo Jansen Niemandt

Photos by Ravi Panchia
Design by Louis Minnaar


Follow Academie on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. And you can download ‘Sulphur’ via Soundcloud or Bandcamp.




Between 10 and 5