Cactus Jack x Jack Parow ‘Hier Kom Kak’ Comic Campaign

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Cactus Jack is a small South African tequila brand that needed an awareness boost. So as a literal comic campaign, advertising agency Dojo115 conceptualised and produced a Cactus Jack x Jack Parow online comic book, called ‘Hier Kom Nou Kak’. The weekly instalment featured rapper and self-dubbed “King of South African Cool” Jack Parow stuck 200 years back in time with his sidekick and best friend, a bottle of Cactus Jack. Together they adventure through a crazy world of kak, cracks and zombie punks.


Featured online on the Cactus Jack website, on the online platforms of Rolling Stone, Ray Ban International and Puma Sportswear International, and Jack Parow’s personal site, the campaign reached an impressive number of readers with an international and local audience. Every month the illustrated comics were also printed in full colour in Rolling Stone Magazine.


For further activation and engagement, a competition ran alongside the campaign, asking readers to propose an illustration-worthy twist in the storyline. The reader who won, Donovan De Kock, imagined up a series of comics where he was written into the script, saving Jack Parow from a group of psycho groupies by sacrificing his life to their green tits and lethal lizard-like tongues. Donovan dies (under the pressure of a woman’s badass behind), crying “Don’t forget my name…” and Jack replies, “Nou gaan ons naai!”


Executive Creative Director, Marais Janse Van Rensburg says, “It was the most fun I’ve had and got paid. We got to swear a lot, work with some of the best illustrators and performers in the country and sell a hell of a lot of tequila.”


The campaign succeeded at quadrupling sales of Cactus Jack, with a limited edition Cactus Jack pack that included a printed copy of the Jack Parow comic book selling out quickly.





Advertising Agency: Dojo115
Creative Directors: Marais Janse Van Rensburg, Adam Wittert
Art Director: Marais Janse Van Rensburg
Copywriter: Hunter Kennedy, Adam Wittert
Illustrator: Anja Venter, Elio Moavero
Designer: Adriaan Jansen Vuuren



Between 10 and 5