kulula airport activation

kulula.com’s New ‘Check-in from anywhere!’ Campaign



What do you think of when we say: lime green, rubber duck, airport, motorised bed, and bubble bath? These are all brought together in true kulula style in the airline’s latest holiday campaign, ‘Check-in from anywhere!’. kulula (from the Zulu word meaning ‘easy’) always does ‘cheesy’ so well, and South Africans love it. When you first see the remote-controlled bed and bath with Siv Ngesi and Jack Parow wooing the crowd in the campaign video, it’s difficult holding back a chuckle. And the point is made clear: you don’t need to stand in long lines to check-in with kulula.com, you can do it from home, at your office, or (as they’ve publicly demonstrated) while you’re taking a bath.


Noticing how most South Africans are happy booking their flights online but apprehensive when it comes to checking-in online, kulula.com briefed their agency, King James to come up with a way of informing people, who were unnecessarily queuing at the airport check-in counters, that it would be much faster, easier and more convenient for them to rather just skip the queue and check-in online from anywhere, i.e. the comfort of their own home, bed, couch, office, or deck chair.To come up with the campaign idea, King James questioned how the virtual world of online check-in can be made tangible. We asked the agency about the difficulties selling and producing the campaign. They said:


Selling the idea to kulula.com was actually pretty easy. Most conventional airlines would just put up an instructional message on a poster or banner, but (fortunately for us) kulula.com doesn’t really do normal. We had to come up with something different. So when we told them that we wanted to put their online check-in message on a bath, and then put that bath on wheels, and enable it to move around with a remote control – they were in from the get-go. Convincing an airport to let you drive around in a bed and bath for a couple weeks obviously requires a bit more convincing, but kulula.com has a great relationship with all of the airports and got them onboard.


Apart from actually having to build a working remote-control bed and bath that would be strong enough to carry Siv Ngesi, Jack Parow, and all our promotion staff around the airport for a couple weeks, it went very smoothly. We had a great team covering every aspect of the campaign, and a client that gave us their full support from the word go.


kulula airport activation kulula airport activation



kulula.com’s online check-in has also been revamped and improved. Boarding passes are emailed to you and when you get to the airport all you have to do is drop your bags at the ‘bag drop’ counter (if you’re taking more than hand luggage). This is done quickly because no time is wasted capturing details or assigning seats.


Shaun Pozyn, Marketing Manager for kulula.com says, “Holiday season should be a fun time but often it’s stressful because there’s so much to do, in such a short time. We can’t manage your in-laws or do your Christmas shopping but we hope that our newly improved online check-in system can save you some time that can rather be spent with your family.”


If you want to go for a ride, the kulula bed and bath will be on display at O.R. Tambo International and Lanseria Airports respectively from Saturday, 13 December until mid January 2015.




Advertising Agency: King James Group

Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King

Executive Creative Directors: Devin Kennedy, Matt Ross

Copywriter: Roderick McCall

Art Directors: Justin Enderstein, Graeme Bettles

Business Director: Melanie de Winnaar

Production Company: Audio Visual Alchemy

Agency Producer: Wesley Coller

Design and making of bed and bath: Stand-Up



kulula airport activation kulula airport activation kulula airport activation kulula airport activationkulula online check-in bath JHB pics (7)


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