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2014 HIGHLIGHTS // The Wows

2014 Highlights - The Wows


This year we’ve said Oh Wow! approximately (okay, exactly) 45 times – each Friday to be specific, in our weekly round-up of cooool. For part 4 of our 2014 HIGHLIGHTS we thought it would be fun to revisit all of our weekly Oh Wows, make a selection of the stand out work, and compile it into one super scrollable mash-up of visuals and sounds for you to enjoy. From the simple and striking to the bizarre, bold and outlandish – these are The Wows of 2014.


An arresting portrait from the series ‘Albus’ by Justin Dingwall:


'Albus' by Justin Dingwall


Nina Torr‘s signature illustrated dreamscapes in ‘The Wonders of the Universe’:


2 Wonders-of-the-Universe by Nina-Torr


The curious and abstract eye of photographer Johno Mellish:


18 Johno-Melish-1


A dreamy editorial by photography duo, Elford/De La Forêt:


8 ElfordDe-La-Forêt


Other-worldly beauty captured by fashion photographer Lea Colombo:


3 Sofya-Titova-Photographed-by-Lea-Colombo-for-Fiasco-Magazine-7


Detail of Athi-Patra Ruga‘s ‘Approved Model of the New Azania’, which forms part of the Uncertain Terms group show:


9 'Approved Model of the New Azania' by Athi-Patra Ruga


Stark, offbeat images of Tsagana Barvantsikova shot by Lindsay Hamlyn:


51 Lindsay-Hamlyn-3


Andrew McGibbon‘s fantastic ‘Slitherstition‘ series of snake portraits:


4 'Slitherstition' by Andrew McGibbon (18)


The album cover for Desmond and the Tutus‘ ‘Enjoy Yourself’ with illustrations by Johan de Lange:


desmond-and-the-tutus Enjoy Yourself


A bizarre scene as seen by Patrick John and Chloe O’Doherty during their ‘Out the Office‘ US road trip:


23 Out-the-Office-3


A ‘Holographic Periscope’ in GIF form by imaginative illustrator, Jean de Wet:


Holographic Periscope by Jean de Wet


Caroline Mackintosh (photographer) Fani Segerman (model and stylist) ‘Violating Worcester’ together:


6 Violating Worcester by Caroline Mackintosh


An installation image from Jana + Koos‘ exhibition ‘City of Gold Diggers‘ in New York City:


26 Jana-+-Koos-City-of-Gold-Diggers-3


‘Magic Hats’ directed by Jake Summer featuring Jabu and JR, two life-long dancers from Soweto:



Portrait of a blue-eyed girl by painter John Murray:


5 Portrait by John Murray


A book of conceptual illustrations by Lize-Marie Dreyer based on Mary Frye’s poem ‘Dodendans’:


31 Lize-Marie-Dreyer-5


Mignonne Krijno feat. a sculptural arrangement of wooden panels in Nico Krijno‘s ‘Construction’:


34 Nico-Krijno-construction-3


Tracks from Fantasma‘s ‘Eye of the Sun’ EP:




Inside the Cango caves captured by by Wikus de Wet on the ‘Twenty Journey‘:


30  Wikus-de-Wet-inside-the-Cango-Caves


A pink haired Nastassja photographed in studio by Betina du Toit:


45 Betina-du-Toit-3


Nicole Liebenberg‘s man wrestling a tiger, which formed part of our first ‘Take Me Home‘ print sale:




Xanthi Georgiades shot by Katja Marr, with styling and collage GIFs by Peter Georgiades:


A (neatly) exploded bicycle from South African Bicycle Builders’, an exhibition curated by Nic Grobler and Stan Engelbrecht:


34 Exploded-bicycle-print-from-South-African-Bicycle-Builders-an-exhibition-of-locally-built-bicycle-frames-Curated-by-Nic-Grobler-Stan-Engelbrecht


Daniel Ting Chong‘s slick and colourful branding for Manifold:


Branding for Mänifold by Daniel Ting Chong (3)


Stolen Pony, a solo project by The Frown’s Eve Rakow:





Giannina Antonette photographed by Adriaan Louw, with styling by Marica Smit:


54 Giannina-Antonette-by-Adriaan-Louw


The video for Miami Horror’s single ‘Wild Motion (Set It Free)’, directed by Sebastian Borckenhagen:



Poster by Michael Tymbios for Sacha Fulton’s film ‘Hands Folding Hands’:


13 A poster by Micheal Tymbios for Sacha Sultan‘s film Hands Folding Heads


Julia Campbell Gillies in ‘Bound’, a series photographed by Katja Marr and styled by Peter Georgiades:


20 BOUND, a series photographed by Katja Marr


‘In Our Hands’, a catalogue of interviews with 8 artisans created by Werner Goss Ross:




Tony Gum photographed in studio by Sipho Mpongo:




From ‘Symptom’, a series of intriguing paintings by John-Michael Metelerkamp:


28 Symptom-Series-John-Michael-Metelerkamp-2


Gateway Drugs‘ first single ‘Give Me Your Love’ with track artwork  by Ian Jepson:



MUTI‘s illustrated cover for a weekend edition of The Washington Post:




Brilliant image pairings in Luca Vincenzo‘s diptychs:




Sylvia in the ‘Pink Ladies’, a shoot by photographed by Ashley Marie for Gaschette:




One of a series of bespoke beer labels for Maven Craft Beer by Rudi de Wet:




‘All Eyes On Me’ from a series of magazine drawings Ninjabreadboy:




Striking studio images in ‘The Chiaroscuro’ photographed by Travys Owen for HUF Magazine:


27  The-Chiaroscuro-photography-by-Travys-Owen-for-HUF-Magazine-8


Illustrated animations by Lize-Marie Dreyer and Marli Fourie created for a collaborative project:




Coloured Poetry‘, a tumblr placing coloured “poems” over Nat Geo-type imagery:


11 Coloured Poetry


Cover art by Tom Parker for Seferino, the personal project of Geoffrey Brink:


50 Seferino



A beautiful image of Aluad Deng Anei, by Francois Visser:


17 Francois-Visser-1


Martin Mezzabotta‘s lowbrow parody zine, ‘Coping with Dumb’:




‘Explore the Rubble Shore’, an illustration by Jean de Wet:


Explore the Rubble Shore by Jean de Wet


KISUA‘s streamlined ‘Hariri’ range photographed by Misha Taylor:




The ‘Pow Wow 2014 Calendar’ by Publicis Machine (team credits here):




A blinking Nicolaas van Reenen, aka Fever Trails, in a GIF by Kent Andreasen:



A wildly colourful poster by Daniel Ting Chong for Puma Happy Holidays:


56 Puma-Happy-Holiday-Poster-by-Daniel-Ting-Chong


And that’s a wrap! Check out the rest of our 2014 HIGHLIGHTS and stay tuned for the fifth and final instalment later today.


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