What You Might’ve Missed These Holidays

Happy New Year! We’re so excited to see what wonderful work 2015 brings, but before we get a minute further, here are some not-to-be-misseds that might’ve just slipped by unnoticed while you were soaking in sun and sea.


While we were taking a sabbatical from screens, SA’s creatives were busy as ever publishing photo shoots, music videos, unseen artworks and new editions. Take a look!


Tony Gum imagined a ‘Black Coca-Cola’ campaign:


Tony Gum - black coca cola (6)

Tony Gum - black coca cola (4)

Tony Gum - black coca cola (5)


Olivié Keck shared new work, illustrations titled ‘You’ll Play Lonely Games’, ‘What you doing later?’ and ‘Yes, I was jealous because you’re a swan’:


'You'll Play Lonely Games', 2015 - olivie keck

'What you doing later', 2014 - olivie keck

'Yes, I was jealous because you're a swan' 2014 - olivie keck


Petite Noir released a new version of ‘Till We Ghosts’, with vocals by Yasiin Bey:



Francois Visser (photographer), Bee Diamondhead (stylist) and Toni Greenberg (MUA) collaborated on a fashion editorial:


Francois Visser x Bee Diamondhead (5)

Francois Visser x Bee Diamondhead (4)

Francois Visser x Bee Diamondhead (2)

Francois Visser x Bee Diamondhead (3)

Francois Visser x Bee Diamondhead (1)


Card On Spokes released ‘On The Low’ ft. Okmalumkoolkat & Nonku, accompanied by a lyric video shot by Thor Rixon:



Jaco Haasbroek shared some new illustrations:





Ergoform added the Bonbons to their collection of office furniture:


Ergoform Bonbon seat


Chris Saunders shot a lookbook for the Whippet x Thesis apparel range:


Whippet (1)

Whippet (7)

Whippet (4)

Whippet (5)


Nakhane Toure did a cover of Joanna Newsom’s ‘Peach Plum Pear’:



Jody Paulsen created a collage a day:


Jody Paulsen (7)

Jody Paulsen (4)

Jody Paulsen (2)

Jody Paulsen (3)


Sonia Dearling made an illustration, ‘Carina’, for a colleague who left to travel the world:


Sonia Dearling


Patrick Visser, Gisèle Human and Laura Windvogel (all styled by Kim Jones) feature in “The House of Beauty and Culture” in MASSES issue 4 – photographed by CG Watkins:






A ‘Coup’ themed Prufrock 7 came out, and it features non-fiction by Megan Ross about the unrest in Thailand, Adriaan Odendaal’s recounting of the unspeakable acts of the ant and Rosa Lyster’s musings about being a teenager. In fiction are Jeannie McKeown’s “Miner, Funeral, Waiting Room”, Hannah Williams’s “Strangers in the Night”, Alice Edy’s “A Chicken Wing: Backwards”, and Edwige-Renée Dro’s “I Didn’t Come to Stare at Big Ben”:




Betina du Toit released two editorials – one for Vulture magazine and another titled ‘Day & Night’:



Betina du Toit

Betina du Toit (7)


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