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Hallu-Ci: An Internet Short Film by Brooklyn J. Pakathi


The internet is a realm of extreme contrast – at once a vehicle for self discovery, it also amplifies both the desire and ability to construct an online identity which, though containing elements of reality, is never entirely real. Hallu-Ci is a fashion/art/internet short film concerned with the effects of this clash. Written and directed by Brooklyn J. Pakathi, it chronicles the story of Frank Nzima Lin: a 20 year old South African born of a Zulu father and a Korean mother. We follow his interaction online as the URL visor – through which he discovers, defines and conceals self – begins to crumble at his fingertips.


“While Frank struggles with an inherited cultural dichotomy; a similar dichotomy extends itself to the majority of youth and addresses a typical experience of contemporary youth culture in the age of the internet,” Brooklyn explains. The film is about the constant flux of trying to define oneself through art, music, fashion and the internet. While carefully curating our lives online; we often mask anxiety, depression or confusion behind an illusion, a reimagined persona of self.


Though it exists successfully in its own right, Hallu-Ci was ultimately created as a preview into the latest BABEL wear summer range by the design duo known as Kreative Beings. “They understand the impulses of the URL culture,” says Brooklyn, “and in their summer range they draw inspiration from this contant clash between the concealment and discovery of self. The Asylum Jacket, worn in the film, exhibits aesthetically Kreative Beings’ influences and deep understanding of youth culture.”




Frank Lin: William Ngwekazi

Writer & director: Brooklyn J. Pakathi

DOP & editor: Ross Maxwell

Additional editing: Brooklyn J. Pakathi

Art director: Thozi Sejanamane

Producers: Brooklyn J. Pakathi and Kreative Beings

Styling: Kreative Beings

Creative Concept: Kreative Beings

Music: Sage Videos


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Creative beings_6

Creative beings_7



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