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Dog Days by Sarah Pratt

Openings This Week: CT | Space minding, Dog Days and To Whom It May Concern

This week it’s Thursdays Late, the mobile edition of First Thursdays taking place in Woodstock. Exhibition openings on the night include Igshaan Adams’ solo show exploring hybrid identity at Blank Projects, solo shows by Olafur Eliassona and Kemang Wa Lehuler at Stevenson and a group show at the Goodman Gallery. Also taking place is Sarah Pratt’s ode to her pet titled Dog Days, opening at Salon 91. Here are the details:


Wednesday, 21 January


Kate Arthur at I Love My Laundry


Kate Arthur


Artist Kate Arthur will be showing her meticulous watercolours at I Love My Laundry on Buitengracht Street.


17:30pm – 19:00pm



Dog Days by Sarah Pratt is opening at Salon 91


Dog Days by Sarah Pratt


Sarah Pratt presents a body of work that is inspired by the life and death of her dog, Laptop. The death of a loyal companion invokes feelings of pain, isolation and nostalgia. The process of remembering seems to root us in another time and place, a timeless, intangible realm. Intrigued by ‘The Wood Between the Worlds’ in C.S. Lewis’s  ‘The Magician’s Nephew’, the artist’s work also alludes to her imagined existence of a strange, green in-between place where her deceased dog now resides. Using pen, ink, gouache, collage, gold leaf and paper cutting techniques, she focuses on producing a series of works that are an exploration of life, death, memory and place.


91 Kloof Street at 6:30pm.

Exhibition runs until 14 February.

Visit Salon91’s website for more information.



Thursday, 22 January | Thursdays Late


Parda by Igshaan Adams is opening at Blank Projects


Parda by Igshaan Adams


Igshaan Adams’ work investigates hybrid identity, particularly in relation to race and sexuality. The sculptures, installations, tapestries and banners constituting Parda draw from Hermann Rorschach’s inkblot tests, and seek to explore the idea of exposing underlying beliefs, mental patterns and blindspots through analysing projections. In developing this body of work, Adams sought to subjectively explore the structure of the test (form, colour, movement, and the sequence of the ten plates) and its claim to expose mental abnormalities. The title Parda refers to a veil or a curtain; a flimsy protective layer that conceals an identity. In Islam it refers to the covering of a women’s face as prescribed by Sharia laws and has become a symbol of the oppression of women in some parts of the Muslim world.


113 – 115 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock at 6pm.

Exhibition runs until 28 February 2015.

Visit Blank Projects’ website for more information.



The Poetry In Between: South-South, a group show curated by Carolyn H. Drake is opening at Goodman Gallery


The Poetry In Between: South-South


Exploring the connections and disconnections between Africa and South America from an artistic perspective is the subject of South-South – a new, ongoing initiative launching at Goodman Gallery Cape Town in January. To kick-start this annual event Goodman Gallery invited curator Carolyn H. Drake for the first exhibition – The Poetry In Between: South-South. The show brings together a cross-section of intergenerational artists from southern Africa and Brazil.


3rd Floor, Fairweather House, 176 Sir Lowry Road.

The exhibition runs until 28 February 2015.

See the Goodman Gallery’s website for more information.



Two exhibitions are opening at Stevenson


Space minding, the first solo exhibition by Olafur Eliasson to take place in South Africa is opening at Stevenson


Olafur Eliasson


Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation artworks that employ elemental materials such as light, water and earth. At Stevenson, he will present a group of works focused on light.


To Whom It May Concern, Kemang Wa Lehulere’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, is opening at Stevenson


Kemang Wa Lehulere


Wa Lehulere’s exhibition is a direct and indirect response to a work by Chieko (Mieko) Shiomi (b 1938), a Japanese artist with links to the Fluxus movement, whose Spatial Poems comprised instructions for small interventions as well as reports on these actions by participants. Taking his cue from Spatial Poem No 3 (Falling Event), Wa Lehulere suggests forms of falling, both literally and metaphorically, and connects various real events/moments, time and distance in a non-linear manner. He will utilise sculpture, video and other mediums to excavate pasts, both static and malleable, existent and imaginative, instructive and fantastical in this new body of work.


Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock from 6pm to 8pm.

Both exhibitions run until 28 February 2015.

See the Stevenson Gallery’s website for more information.



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