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Gabriella Achadinha

The Leap of Faith Children’s Soccer Team in a Colourful Film Photo Series

Leap of Faith


A regular feature on our site for her interesting projects from body building in Lavender Hill to holidaying in Lisbon, Cape Town based photographer Gabriella Achadinha recently took a series of photographs of the Leap of Faith children’s soccer team in Rocklands, a township area in her hometown Bloemfontein.


Primarily Gabriella’s photo series is about the young Leap of Faith soccer team, but from the look of things that is just a concise representation of the whole purpose of the Leap of Faith Foundation (LoFF). Having said before that her inspiration derives from photographers who “have the ability to create poignant remarks about our social environment”, similarly, her series remarks on the challenges that exist in her hometown, as well as in other townships in South Africa. The photo series serves as visual awareness of the needs in the area to maybe reach those who can help build better recreational facilities for these children to utilize, to prevent the potential of them being involved in any criminal activities as they grow older.


LoFF is an NGO aimed at creating awareness around the difficulties that children of today are faced with. Co-founder Kamohelo Poone describes the foundation as an initiative that wants to create change. Although he was fortunate enough to go to a private school, he didn’t allow his privileges to make him turn a blind eye to the situation that many kids in his neighbourhood were going through. In 2013, Kamohelo founded the Rocklands football academy as a project under the the umbrella of LoFF, which aims to be the first non affiliated independent academy in the city of Bloemfontein. The academy has managed to operate independently through donations and has managed to raise enough money to purchase the team’s official soccer kit.


LoFF has aspirations of growth, and the founders would like to build better facilities for the children as time progresses so that they can lead better lives in the future. Currently they’re trying, through raising awareness, to hopefully gain sponsorships in the form of clothing kit, soccer shoes, grass for fields, remuneration, etc. for the young team. 


Gabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella Achadinha Gabriella AchadinhaGabriella Achadinha Gabriella AchadinhaGabriella AchadinhaGabriella Achadinha Gabriella Achadinha


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