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First Look | Strange Rituals in Bye Beneco’s Colourful New Music Video for ‘Chemirocha’


It was in the early 1950s that, in the Kenyan villiage of Kapkatet, members of the Kipsigi tribe came across a few records of Jimmie Rodgers’ Blue Yodels. Uncertain what these strange sounds were but quite certain they couldn’t have originated from a human being, Rodgers’ voice was attributed to a half man, half antelope spirit they called Chemirocha. The Kipsigi villagers honour this centaur-like figure in fertility rites, and they sing various hymns in its honour.


As frequent tellers of unconventional stories through their music, Bye Beneco created their own rendition of one of these traditional worship songs named after the Jimmy-spirit, Chemirocha. Today we’re taking a first look at their new music video to accompany it. Like the song itself, the video doesn’t stop at referencing traditional Kipsigi imagery/sounds but rather, merges these with a crazy amalgamation of influences to become something else entirely. A lobster hairpiece, Frida Kahlo crying pink tears, and UFO-art are just a few of the things we encounter as we’re guided through a colourful and mesmerising ritual of the band’s own making.


Chemirocha is a track off Bye Beneco’s debut album ‘Space Elephant’, available for purchase on iTunes. For more from the band follow them on Facebook or Twitter.




Director – Ben Jay Crossman
DOP – Robo Wilson
Edit – Jaco Rossouw, Ben Jay Crossman
Set and Art Direction- Ben Jay Crossman
Styling – Wilma Smit
Hair & Make Up – Pin-Up Stylists
Wardrobe – Hollywood Costumes and Steampunk Couture
Location – Roly Stud
Artwork – Ben Jay Crossman, Veronika Paints, Kevin Love
Grade – Blade Works
Facilitated by Los Muertos



Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 2

Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 10

Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 8

Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 11

Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 7

Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 6

Bye Beneco 'Chimirocha' 5

Bye Beneco 'Chemirocha' 3



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