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Undo All by John Murray

Openings This Week: CT | Emerging Painters, A Carnival of Memories and A Live Design Tournament

This week is First Thursdays, which means we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to exhibition openings and events in town. Some of them include a group show by up-and-coming painters, a solo exhibition by Dion Cupido titled Carnival of Memories, a live design tournament at Friends of Design and plenty more. Here are the details, good luck choosing which to attend!


Wednesday 4 February


The Fallen and the Drowned, a new solo exhibition by Pierre Fouché is opening at WHATIFTHEWORLD.


The Fallen and the Drowned

The Fallen and the Drowned


The Fallen and the Drowned is an exhibition of intimately scaled laces, embroideries, drawings and video in which Fouché revels in the traditional materials and formats of the techniques he employs as well as their optical and narrative potential. The works, mostly figures in landscapes, scrolls, are consciously crafty and immersed in the world of male representation and desire.


1 Argyle Street, Woodstock from 6pm – 8pm.

Exhibition runs until 21 March.

See their website for more.



Undo All, an exhibition of new painting by John Murray is opening at WHATIFTHEWORLD.


Undo All by John Murray


John Murray is a South African painter living and working in Cape Town South Africa. Working in oil on canvas he creates abstract compositions rendered in a way that still hints at representational forms beneath the surface. His paintings have evolved into an ongoing series that allude structures that are simultaneously in the process of forming or perhaps disintegrating.


1 Argyle Street, Woodstock from 6pm – 8pm.

Exhibition runs until 21 March.

See their website for more.



A group show titled Surface: Emerging Painters is opening at Barnard Gallery.


Surface: Emerging Painters


From the evocative surfaces of Alexia Vogel’s paintings to the intense and highly expressive impasto works of Mia Chaplin, Surface: Emerging Painters features the work of a select group of up-and-coming painters redefining the medium in contemporary South African art. The exhibition considers and celebrates paint both as medium and subject, substance and means; showcasing a diversity of attitudes and approaches to the long-established and recently resurgent practice of painting. The exhibition will include works by Alexia Vogel, Jaco van Schalkwyk, Katherine Spindler, Mia Chaplin, Ryan Hewett, Sarah Biggs, Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi and Kirsten Lilford.


55 Main Street at 6pm.

Exhibition runs until 19 March.

More information on their website.

Read our interviews with Alexia VogelMia ChaplinSarah Biggs and Kirsten Lilford.



GreatMore Talks kicks off with Lilliputian’s in a world of Big Ideas and Big Plans, a conversation about public art by Ashraf Jamal.


GreatMore Studios


GreatMore Studios, 47-49 Greatmore Street , Woodstock at 6pm.

Visit their Facebook page for more details.



Thursday, 5 February | First Thursdays


SMITH Gallery opens its doors with a solo show by Kurt Pio.


 Kurt Pio


Kurt’s ardent love affair with Cape Town is explored, expressed and communicated through his paintings and artistry. This particular body of work looks at materialising Cape Town as a globally recognised destination through a series of pieces that capture the colours, symbols and images that represent life in Cape Town. From the repurposing of Instagram images into thought provoking artworks to creating symbolic sculptures by overlaying surfboards with a variety of materials, Kurt translates the fascination with objects of desire.


56 Church Street at 5pm.

Read our interview with the gallery’s co-founders.



The Eye presents Rituals by Ello Xray Eyez.


Ello Xray Eyez


Ello Xray Eyez is a visual designer from South Africa, living and working in Cape Town. Inspired by comics, animations and people amongst other things, her work is predominantly character-based with an unknown narrative. The viewer is left to find relevant connections within their own iconography and experiences. Stylised and surreal elements are combined to create energetic compositions that are graphic and colourful. Working with themes of memories, fun times, current feels, characters and personal relevance, she is also influenced by the dynamics of organic versus geometric shapes, straight vs curved, balance, composition and texture.


44A Bloem Street at 6pm.

See the Facebook event for more.

Read our interview with Ello.



Tropics by Emmanuel de Montbron is opening at Alliance Française.


Tropics by Emmanuel de Montbron


Tropics is the first solo exhibition by French artist Emmanuel de Montbron. The works on show form part of a broader ongoing series of photographic transparencies.  The starting point of the exhibition is the found image, specifically 35mm colour slides found in local antique shops or via online adverts in Cape Town. After physically manipulating, bleaching and/or superimposing a selection of found slides, the artist re-created a series of multiple-exposed transparencies. This particular selection is about the hallucinatory perception of being in two places at once. It is about the potential for trivial “everyday” subjects and scenes to become exotic, as if they were unknown territories at the limits (or “tropics”) of the real. It is about creating a liminal visual space between the “real” and the imaginary through treating the photographic image as an object in its own right.

155 Loop Street at 6pm.

See their website for more.


Short & Sweet in collaboration with My Vote Counts is hosting a free, public screening of No! on Church Square.




 This film is about how politics can be ‘marketed’, and how people are mobilized to take a stand on political issues. Join us for a free screening to raise awareness for My Vote Counts. My Vote Counts is an open, non-partisan community of citizens dedicated to advancing the constitutional principles of transparency, inclusiveness and accountability in South African politics. Like many South Africans, we care about corruption and inequality, and our research has shown that the regulation of secret donations to political parties is a key site in the struggle for a more free and democratic SA. 


Church Square, corner Spin and Parliament Streets at 8pm.

See the Facebook event for details.



A Different Perspective, a group show is opening at Ebony.


A Different Perspective at Ebony

(Photograph by Justin Dingwall)


“It doesn’t matter what you look at, but what you see.” –  Well, we couldn’t agree more with Mister Henry Thoreau, so we have decided to embody that very sentiment and showcase A Different Perspective. In bringing together not only a group of artists but a collection of young raconteurs and philosophers, bold activists and dreamers. EBONY has handpicked a group of artists who may be labelled as wildcards by some, but all linked by an intangible yet defiantly present ‘something’.   A ‘something’ that cannot be fully described, only seen, and like a bonfire at midnight the works of these artists need to be experienced in the flesh.


67 Loop Street at 5pm.

Exhibition runs until 3 March.

See their website for more information.



Lucky Fish and Chips Restaurants present Danica Ricciardi.


Lucky Fish and Chips Restaurants present Danica Ricciardi


First Thursdays has inspired Lucky Fish and Chips Restaurants to showcase an exciting new artist, designer or illustrator every month by means of creative collaborative projects. This month we have asked Danica Ricciardi, a super talented designer and illustrator to create an artwork, and design a packaging specially for the take away chips. She has also printed limited edition tote bags and postcards, that will be for sale on the night. Be sure to go around and see the beautiful work, drink a glass of wine and taste the delicious food.


120 Bree Street at 5pm.

See more of Danica’s work.



Lucky Chicken and Chips Restaurants presents Kelly Poole.


Lucky Chicken and Chips Restaurants presents Kelly Poole


On First Thursdays Lucky Chicken and Chips Restaurants (sister company of Lucky Fish) is showcasing an exciting new artist, designer or illustrator every month by means of creative collaborative projects. This month we have asked Kelly Poole, a fresh young designer and illustrator to create an artwork, and design a packaging specially for the take away chips in her signature vector style. Be sure to go around and see the beautiful work, drink a glass of wine and taste the delicious food.


44 Long Street at 5pm.



Carnival of Memories, a showcase of Dion Cupido’s work is opening at Worldart.


Carnival of Memories by Dion Cupido


Artist Dion Cupido’s fascination with memory, in particular its retrieval and the question of its accuracy, has always been an important subject in his paintings. With his latest solo exhibition titled Carnival of Memories, he continues to explore this concept.


54 Church Street at 5pm.

See more on their website.



Proposal, an exhibition of proposals (sort of) is opening at Jnr Gallery.


Junior Gallery

(Artwork by Olivié Keck)


8 Spin Street, Cape Town at 5pm.

Visit their Facebook page for more information.



FRIENDS, an ‘occasional’ zine launches alongside a photo exhibition at Clarke’s The Pit.




Having been conceived as a brand ‘zine and then developed as a men’s lifestyle publication, FRIENDS is welcomed into the world and born a free-of-charge ‘Occasional’: an ongoing series of publications to be released on a project-to-project basis and not on scheduled release dates. Issue 01 is themed ‘THE MALE DAZE” and features content from around South Africa, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York and London.


133 Bree Street at 5pm.

See the Facebook event for more information.



Haim Menashehoff is doing Portrait-while-you-wait at The D’Vine Art Room at the New Heritage Gallery.


Haim Menashehoff'


Haim Menashehoff was born in Isfahan, and studied fine arts at the Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem, and film in New York. He has exhibited around the world, and has settled in Cape Town, South Africa since 1980. He will be doing “while-you-wait” abstract portraits on the Square.


Heritage Square (inner courtyard), 100 Shortmarket Street from 5pm.



Precision ○ Pre•ci•sion ○ Pri-sizh-uhn, a solo show by Riaan van Zyl is opening at Luvey ‘n Rose.


Riaan van Zyl


The body of work weaves notions of decisive movement and creative freedom. The predominant use of black and white signifies the age-old paradox that living entails: one of grave contrast and one that highlights the duality in which we exist. The artist uses old car oil and self-made charcoal to gracefully create layers of history superimposed on the contemporary.


66 Loop Street at 5pm.



The #WDC345 Prize-Giving Ceremony is taking place at The Cape Gallery.




The award ceremony for the #WDC 345 Ceramics United Surface Design Competition is taking place. The Competition, an official project of the World Design Capital 2014 program, recognized the exceptional work of students, potters, and artists from around the world and was one of the largest international surface design competitions in South African history.


60 Church Street at 7pm.



The Tournament is taking place at Friends of Design.


Friends of Design


Unlike submission-based design contests, The Tournament is a battle format where emerging, freelance and professional designers flex their skills before a live audience. It requires competitors to rapidly perform as their computer displays project onto large screens facing the audience. Competition rounds are 15-20 minutes each-fast and furious. It’s a dance of visual artistry accompanied by DJ music and an MC host, in each tournament rival designers are put in the spot-light.


186 Bree Street at 5pm.

See the Facebook event for details.



Obscura, an exhibition by Lionel Smit is opening at Everard-Read.


Lionel Smit


As his first solo presentation at the Cape Town space, Obscura showcases brand new paintings, sculptures, photographs, as well a newly completed video artwork. In this exciting and fresh selection Lionel moves across mixed media with fluidity and ease. Gliding between the various expressions of ‘portraiture’, the viewers find themselves drawn into his exploration and investigations. He tackles his journey by means of a dialogue between what one knows and sees and that which runs concurrent to this, our impulsive responses and intuitions – a universal abstraction. There is a juxtaposition of recognisable female forms and  blocks of abstract colour in a fluid and layered dance that heighten  our experience of these contrasts . By allowing these different languages to engage, he concludes a cohesive relationship for them, where they serve to both ‘obscure’ and accentuate each other.


3 Portswood Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront.

Exhibition runs until 17 February.

See their website for more info.



365 Days in Infrared, a year-long photography project by Kate Davies is on show at Roodeblem Studios for one night only.


365 Days in Infrared


A Year in Infrared showcases Kate’s collection of captivating infrared images that she compiled over 2014. is collaborating with Kate to celebrate her dedication to the year-long project and her exhibition. Spree has handpicked 8 of Kate’s evocative images which will feature on a limited range of 4 men’s and 4 women’s t-shirts that will be released on the day before the exhibition.


27 Roodebloem Street, Woodstock from 6pm.

This is a one-night-only show.

Read more about 365 Days in Infrared.



Coming Up | Book Now: 


Paper Snap is hosting a screen print workshops at the Cape Town Creative Academy in Woodstock on 27 and 28 February.


Paper Snap screen print workshops


Book now by emailing

Visit their website for more information or to see their work.


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