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Carbon Films

Introducing: Carbon Films | Crafting Star Stuff



Beautifully crafted work, exceptional production value and creativity are at the heart of Carbon Films, a brand new production company that combines the experience of long-time collaborators and friends Director Bruno Bossi and Producer Kirsten Clarence.


Prior to working on the production side of advertising, Bruno was a successful commercial photographer for clients both local and international; a craft that no doubt developed his taste and skill for beautiful imagery. Kirsten has worked at various production houses but started her career in the TV departments of advertising agencies in Cape Town, resulting in an intimate knowledge of the production process.


The team has been making commercials together since 2008 through which they discovered their shared values: fresh ideas, working with good people, and challenging themselves to bring the very best out of every script. These common goals form the core of Carbon Films.


We asked them a few questions to find out more.


Please tell us about your new venture and how it came about?


We’ve worked together as a team for the last 7 years with different production houses both locally and internationally so we decided it was time to create our own space. Having a shared vision through being friends (for too long to mention) has helped us through the years and so we thought that we would exploit this relationship and set up our own creatively-led shop allowing us to continue making great ads and be agile enough to take on a variety of projects. And still have fun.


Is there a story behind the name?


Bruno: I originally became a photographer because of my love for science. Silver halide in a darkroom got me going. I always wanted to take photographs as a kid but when I discovered that I could maybe make this art and science thing into a career I quit university and switched over to the darkroom.


This same love for science generated the name Carbon. Organic chemistry is the study of all things carbon. It’s life. It’s the base element for all life, including humans. The building blocks to great things. Plus it can be found in many forms and we liked that idea: while the base element stays the same the outcome can change – one day we’re coal and the next diamonds.


In the words of Carl Sagan, “We are made of star stuff”.


Carbon Films


Carbon Films CI designed by Andrew Whitehouse from FoxP2


What does Carbon Films specialise in? What would you like to be known for?


We specialise in TV commercials for the local and international market.  We want to be known for good, well-considered creative work with exceptional production value. Crafting ideas to enhance the core idea is our focus.


What will make Carbon Films different from what you’ve done before?


Nothing. And everything. We are passionate about good ideas and advertising. We plan to continue to produce great work.


What do you love about film and making ads?


Bruno: Coming from a photographic background I have always been drawn to visual ideas. Starting with a great script is first prize, but I believe that almost any script (within reason) should be given the best fighting chance it has. There is always some pearl lying in the folds of the idea that can propel even the simplest idea into stardom, whether it be a technique or an approach that maybe wasn’t obvious before.


It is that challenge that turns me on.


Advertising attracts some of the smartest people out there and working with them is what makes the whole process rewarding. Both from the agency side and from the crew I work with, we are constantly solving problems using our creative tools.


What is the vision for Carbon Films going forward?


To build a company where creativity is at the centre of our business.  To work with good people, challenge each other and the people we work with and  to create the best possible work we can.





C-Track | Always Visible | Fishgate Advertising



Mercedes-Benz | Hair and Colleague | Net#work BBDO | 2014 Creative Circle Ad of the Year winner


More at www.carbonfilms.co.za


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