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NewRetro by Nicework

A Branding Revival for Retroviral by Nicework



Retroviral is an online communications agency based in Johannesburg that recently underwent a full-blown branding redesign by Nicework, paying homage to their unique blend of retro and futurespective thinking. They said, “In an industry that is constantly evolving, it is important for us to analyse and consider the online metamorphosis on an ongoing basis. What started out as a concept being doodled on Starbucks napkins in London more than six years ago, resulted in an agency that is almost five years old now.”


As the company grew organically, their branding was pieced together bit by bit which lacked in consistency and eventually became unrepresentative of what the business had become.


As a solution for this, Nicework approached the rebrand with a fluid identity made up of a kit of parts.


“When all the parts are used together, they create the language of the company. So, instead of looking for a list of design deliverables, we worked toward a set of guiding principles.”



Retroviral BrandingRetroviral Branding


“In everything we did for Retroviral the graphics are mostly new but always offset with an old world element. We wanted to be very sensitive to not make Retroviral look too old school. Our solution was to use modern elements as the main graphic, and vintage elements as an accent.”


retroviral branding


The CI has been taken right through to the latest edition of Retroviral’s annual recap video.




See it all at or find out more about the making.


NewRetro by Nicework NewRetro by Nicework NewRetro by Nicework NewRetro by Nicework NewRetro by Nicework NewRetro by Nicework


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