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Design Indaba 2015 | Who to follow on Twitter and Instagram

We’ve made a handy guide of all the right people to follow on social media ahead of the 2015 Design Indaba festival. If you’re attending the conference, following the speakers on Twitter now will make live tweeting and quoting during the talks so much easier. Also follow the curators and exhibitors on Instagram now so you’ll know who’s doing exciting things at the expo. If you can’t attend this year, these are the people to follow so you can stay up to speed with all the cool things happening. Start following now and thank us later.


Official Design Indaba Accounts


Design Indaba


The organizers of the Design Indaba have various ways to help you stay in the loop about what’s happening. You should definitely download the official festival app for live updates, but also follow them here: and and

Also search for #DesignIndaba, #DesignIndabaExpo and #DesignIndaba2015



Roy Choi | Conference Speaker


Roy Choi

Photo credit: California Sunday Magazine


Roi Choi, the godfather of LA’s gourmet food truck culture, will be speaking at the 2015 Design Indaba conference. Named one of Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs of 2010, Roy is the Korean-American chef behind Los Angeles restaurants Chego!, Sunny Spot, Alibi Room, A-Frame, 3 Worlds Cafe, POT and Commissary.


More about Roi.



Santiago Cirugeda | Conference Speaker


Santiago Cirugeda


Spanish architect Santiago Cirugeda will share some of his work with conference delegates. Focussing on reclaiming urban spaces for public use, he develops self-built projects that modify or transform under-utilised parts of the city so that people can inhabit them.


More about Santiago. (mostly spanish)



Selly Raby Kane | Conference Speaker


Selly Raby Kane


Selly Raby Kane is part of a new generation of urban, curious and open-to-the-world artists and designers from Senegal and this fashion designer has become a central figure in Dakar’s new wave of creative practitioners. She took part in Design Indaba Expo’s 2014 Africa is Now exhibition and is a speaker at the 2015 Design Indaba Conference.


More about Selly.



Rosita Missioni | Conference Speaker


Rosita Missioni


Missoni is an Italian fashion house based in Varese, famous for their knitwear in colourful zigzag motifs, stripes, waves and geometric and floral patterns, a home collection and hotel interiors. The co-founder of the Missoni empire (est. 1953), Rosita Missioni, will be speaking at Design Indaba this year.


More about Rosita.

Follow the official Missoni account at



Tia Blassingame | Conference Speaker


Tia Blassingame


Tia Blassingame uses the art of letterpress printing in her work which explores the relationship between race, history and perception. Combining printmaking techniques with papermaking, bookbinding and letterpress printing, she uses period typefaces to create printed looks that transport the viewer into another era.


More about Tia.



Yoni Bloch | Conference Speaker


Yoni Bloch


Rock-star tech entrepreneur Yoni Bloch is one of the co-founders of Interlude, which ushered in a new era of online storytelling that allows users to actively engage with online videos in a meaningful and layered experience, letting fans remix songs and videos.


More about Yoni.



Tyler Pratt | Conference Speaker


Tyler Pratt


A graduate of Carleton University, Canadian industrial designer Tyler Pratt is known for simple and clean designs with a strong focus on function.


More about Tyler.



Emily Oberman | Conference Speaker 


Emily Oberman


Emily Oberman is a multi-disciplinary designer whose work encompasses brand identity, motion graphics, publications, packaging, advertising and websites for clients that include hotels and restaurants, publishers, film and television, and nonprofit institutions.


More about Emily.



Carla Kreuser | Conference Speaker 


Carla Kreuser


Carla Kreuser is a creative director at The Jupiter Drawing Room in Cape Town. She also created the paper-cut portraits for the speakers and for the marketing campaign, Make. Change., for Design Indaba 2015.


More about Carla.



Sindiso Khumalo | Conference Speaker 


Sindiso Khumalo


Sindiso Khumalo is a South African textile designer living and working in London with an eponymous label focusing on sustainable contemporary textiles.


Read our interview with Sindiso.

More about Sindiso.



The Workers | Conference Speakers


The Workers


The Workers is a digital product design studio established by Ross Cairns and Tommaso Lanza in 2010 that strives to question and subvert current technology to create delightful and surprising experiences.


More about The Workers.



Teresa van Dongen | Conference Speaker


Teresa van Dongen


Teresa van Dongen is an Amsterdam-based designer whose work – informed by science, chemistry, physics and a passion for glass – yields enchanting results. In June 2014 Teresa van Dongen graduated cum laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Her work was nominated for two awards, the “Keep an Eye Grant” and the “Melkweg Award”.


More about Teresa.



Dominic Wilcox | Conference Speaker


Dominic Wilcox


British designer Dominic Wilcox works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology. His inventive drawings, objects and design performances have been exhibited internationally.


More about Dominic.




Stanely Hainsworth | Conference Speaker


Stanely Hainsworth


Stanley Hainsworth is the founder and chief creative officer of Tether, a creative, cross-discipline studio. He mastered the art of brand story craft while serving as the creative-in-chief at Nike, Lego, and Starbucks.


More about Stanley.



Ng’endo Mukii | Conference Speaker


Ng’endo Mukii


Ng’endo Mukii is the Kenyan artist and animator behind the critically acclaimed short film Yellow Fever and her portfolio spans advertising campaigns, children’s TV series, documentary animation and experimental films. Her latest work titled 50 Steps pays tribute to 50 years of Kenyan independence by looking at personal stories to discover what it means to be Kenyan.


More about Ng’endo.



Pepe Marais and Xolisa Dyeshana, Joe Public | Conference Speakers


xolisa dyeshanapepe marais


Pepe Marais and Xolisa Dyeshana are chief creative officer and executive creative director respectively of advertising agency Joe Public, one of South Africa’s largest independent communication groups.


More about Pepe and Xolisa.



Dan Wieden, Wieden Kennedy | Conference Speaker


Dan Wieden


Dan Wieden is an American advertising executive who co-founded Wieden+Kennedy and coined the Nike tagline “Just Do It”. In 2012 Wieden+Kennedy was named both Independent Agency and Agency of the Year at Cannes, and Wieden himself was awarded the Cannes Lion of St. Martin for his lifetime of achievement.


More about Dan.



Hella Jongerius  | Conference Speaker


Hella Jongerius


Known for her inventive approach to products, Hella Jongerius is the renowned Dutch industrial designer behind Jongerius Lab. She designs a range of products, including furniture, lighting, glassware, ceramics, and textiles. Her work combines the traditional with the contemporary, the newest technologies with age-old craft techniques. Jongerius is also fascinated by the value of deviations from perfection, the misfits, the individual character that products can assume.


More about Hella.



Casey Neistat | Conference Speaker


Casey Neistat


Casey Neistat is a maverick American filmmaker whose wildly popular YouTube videos are redefining the industry. His main body of work consists of short films that have been released exclusively on the internet.


More about Casey.



Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, Studio Formafantasma | Conference Speakers


Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, Studio Formafantasma


Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin make up Studio Formafantasma, an Amsterdam-based product design studio. Studio Formafantasma perceives its role as a bridge between craft, industry, object and user, and its interest lies in forging links between its research-based practice and the wider design industry.


More about Studio Formafantasma.



Lidewij Edelkoort | Trend Forecaster


Lidewij Edelkoort


Renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort will present Vanities. The Mythology of Self on 28 February in Cape Town and 2 March in Johannesburg. Tickets cost R600, students pay R499. See venues and programme and book a seat.


More about Lidewij.



Bofred | Emerging Creatives 2015




Bofred is a new artistic collective founded and run by Christa Botha and Carla Erasmus. Started earlier this year, they source mid-century modern interior items and furniture that have been designed and manufactured in South Africa, which they then restore to one of a kind art pieces. They’ve also just started designing their own range of furniture and interior items. Read our interview with the Bofred design team.



Amanda van der Walt | Emerging Creatives 2015


Amanda van der Walt

Ikageng-inspired pattern, photographed in Ikageng


Pretoria based designer and illustrator Amanda van der Walt’s latest range of textile designs, titled Dorp, are inspired by her university town of Potchefstroom. She will be bringing these to the Design Indaba expo in the form of a new range of pillows, wallpapers, lampshades and more.


Amanda van der Walt

Ikageng-inspired pattern



20 Eight | Exhibitor


20 Eight


Founded by architects Handre de la Rey and Inge de Beer, 20 Eight is a Pretoria-based design studio inspired by architectural innovation. They are launching a new stand-alone lamp at Design Indaba 2015 expo, follow them for sneak peeks.



Mia Mélange | Exhibitor


Mia Mélange

Mia Mélange


Mia Mélange is a small home décor label created by textile and surface designer Mia Danieli. She’s been sharing some of what she’s working on for Design Indaba Expo on Instagram, take a look.



Thabo Makhetha Designs | Exhibitor


Thabo Makhetha Designs


Thabo Makhetha, who launched het Basotho blanket coat at the expo in 2013, will be returning to Design Indaba this year with a few new designs. Watch her prepare.



Five Past Five Design | Exhibitor


Five Past Five Design

Five Past Five Design


Five Past Five is a Pretoria-based design-driven collective producing handmade products. These include leather and timber products, such as lamps, furniture, briefcases and handbags. Each product is made of recyclable materials that are hand assembled and hand stitched. They are launching new pieces at Design Indaba 2015, follow them for sneak peeks.



Ash Ceramics | Exhibitor


Ash Ceramics


Catherine Ash from Ash Ceramics (one of this year’s Emerging Creatives) designs handmade ceramics, from carefully sculpted porcelain tortoise shells to striking statement pieces in vibrant colours. She’s sharing loads of behind the scenes pictures on Instagram leading up to the expo.



Yellow Jewellery | Exhibitor


Yellow Jewellery

Yellow Jewellery


Named one of the Emerging Creatives of 2014, Jess Gouws is the owner and designer behind Cape Town (and soon New York) based jewellery design studio Yellow. Design Indaba 2015 will be her last show in Cape Town and the last chance to buy one of her pieces on South African soil. She’s posting pictures on Instagram every day under #theroadtodesignindaba to show the process behind the pieces she’s taking to the expo.



CREATe.CHANGE | Special Project & Exhibitor




CREATe.CHANGE is a Design Indaba and Leg Studios initiative which invited local artists to take Leg Studios’ three-legged, flatpacked birch Carry Tables and transform them into works of art, which will be auctioned off at the Design Indaba Expo to raise funds for the Kannemeyer Primary School library. Artists include Renee Rossouw, Frank van Reenen, Unathi Mkonto, Lauren Fowler, Daniel Ting Chong, Dani Loureiro and more.


Follow Leg Studio’s Giulia Odendaal at for sneak peeks of the CREATe.CHANGE project and some of their other products.



Paper Planes | Special Project at the Expo


The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman


Design Indaba and Alexander’s Band, a creative agency that represents South African illustrators, are curating an exhibition of once-off illustrations by 44 local artists around the theme of Southern African mythology and folklore from all of our diverse cultures. Leading up to the expo they’ll be sharing a few sneak peeks and releasing a few more names of participants.



Ilze Wolff | Expo Curator


Ilze Wolff

Photo credit: Brett Rubin


Architect Ilze Wolff is the curator for Architecture and Built Environment Curator at Design Indaba Expo 2015. She is an architect who leads the architectural practice, Wolff, together with her husband Heinrich Wolff. and



Nathan Reddy | Expo Curator


Nathan Reddy


Nathan Reddy is the creative director and founder of local design studio Grid Worldwide Branding and Design and one of the Digital and Communications curators for Design Indaba Expo 2015. and



Robyn Cooke | Expo Curator


Robyn Cooke


Robyn Cooke is a curator for the Fashion sector at Design Indaba Expo 2015. This South African fashion blogger, fashion editor, commentator and stylist has been running the popular blog since 2008. and



Here at 10and5 we’ll also do our best to keep you up to date with all the happenings at Design Indaba 2015 through a series of daily conference round-ups and live tweets as well as sneak peek pics from the expo, so keep an eye on and when the time comes!


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