Oh Wow! – Mirror Installations, Redesigned Book Covers and a Striped Horse.

The things we’ve collected in today’s Oh Wow! include: the covers of classic books reimagined, mirrors used in land art installations, and a photo series examining the ‘performance of self’ through hairstyles. Enjoy!


ONE – Classic book covers redesigned by Kirsten Sims.


Kirsten Sims (2)

Kirsten Sims (3)

Kirsten Sims (4)

Kirsten Sims (1)


TWO – Mirror installations by Jordan Sweke.





THREE – Volume 4:6 of Noonday Tune with tracks selected by Annie Brookstone.



FOUR – From the series ‘Harvest‘ by Tarryn Hatchett, featuring Jess Van Wyk.





FIVE – ‘Performing the Self through Hair-dos‘, a photo series by Akona Golimpi.

“South Africa is a very diverse country, and many people perform themselves differently from one person to the next. African women perform their personal and group identity through hair-dos and styling. This has routinely been confused for trying to conform to mainstream western standards of beauty. Yet it has been noted that women in general find the need to perform themselves using different ways to show their identity. Paradoxically many women end up losing their identity. Through various hair-dos, many women perform the self, in ways that raise questions about Black women’s identity”


Akona Golimpi (1)

Akona Golimpi (2)

Akona Golimpi (3)


SIX – DJ Spoko‘s ‘War neva end’ ft Samuel Turpin.



SEVEN – The label for newly launched Striped Horse Craft Beer by Peet Pienaar, with the direction of Grant Rushmere.

Peet now lives in Buenos Aires and when Grant got in touch about the new beer brand he wanted to launch, his response was that he’d been missing home and for the past month or so has been designing a Zebra – for no apparent reason, and with no client in mind. He mailed the “Striped Horse” motif 5 minutes later, and it now appears exactly as is in the logo.


Stiped Horse


EIGHTMUTI designed the gift wrapping for Mingo Lamberti‘s collaboration with the V & A Waterfront.


MUTI x Mingo Lamberti


NINE – ‘Did I Do That?’, a portrait poster by effect14.


effect14 .→Did I Do That



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