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Featured: Success Maake | Pops of Colour We ‘Heart’

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Success Maake is a multimedia creative by training who grabbed our attention with the vibrant images on his Instagram account where he unwaveringly, and impressively, sticks to a minimal formula – an interesting detail small in the frame against a flat colourful background. This approach is getting him noticed and he has recently completed an Instagram takeover with Creative Nestlings. We spoke to him to gain insight into his medium and method of choice.


How long have you been a making photographs for Instagram? And what drew you to this medium?


I have had Instagram for about two years now but I only started taking it seriously as a creative medium to communicate my ideas late 2014. I got drawn to Instagram by the 1 to 1 ratio, for the longest time we practiced photography within 5 to 4 and 16 to 9 ratios, so moving away from portrait and landscape to square was exciting for me because in itself was visiting the old way of doing it.


Do you consider your image-making ‘photography’ or ‘iphoneography’? Or does a label even matter?


I am not one for labels, but I just really love mobile photography, I have gone from DSLR to DSLR but there is just something about a phone. A mobile phone allows you to capture, edit and then publish. It is amazing what you can do with just a phone and applications; the stuff blows my mind every time I read up on it and try it out.
With all that said I consider my creations to be ‘photography’ as I use different devices for different frames.


What do you enjoy about the medium of Instagram to display your work?


Instagram allows me to keep track of my growth, applies pressure so I don’t put up work that is not better than my last post and allows instant feedback.


How would you describe your visual style?




What inspires your creative process?


I am constantly reading, cycling and doodling. Through my cycling I am able to see things I want to capture, with reading also I am able to put layers together in my mind to later on translate into a frame, same with my doodles.


What interests you about colour and how does this impact your depiction of colour in your work?


Colour is life. Colours are emotions. Sometimes I use a certain colour for a certain emotion and sometimes I use it because it just looks cool.


Please tell us about some of the themes you have been exploring?


Well I cannot really go much into it, but I have been exploring motion projects with the style of my current frames. Also just getting out the city more and exploring more spaces with the same composition in mind.


Who are some of your top South African creatives to follow on the platform?


@garethpon, @iseeadifferentyou, @royrench, @slaying.goliath, @creativenestlin, @mpumelelomacu, @tony_gum, @thesartists, @buka_andile. Just to mention a few.



What does a day with Success Maake entail?


I’m a pretty new age hippy, so I cycle from Melville to downtown Johannesburg for some internet, croissants and coffee. I work from different spots, always on a quest to find good internet because it allows me to download and work fast.


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