11 New Music Acts Fresh Out of SA | The Playlist

Fresh New South African Musicians


Yesterday we dipped into the abundant pool of fresh, emerging artists to share 11 of South Africa’s most exciting new music acts. For this edition of #NowPlaying, we thought it’d be fun to follow up with a playlist so we made a little something including one song by each of the artists. Have a listen, and find the tracklist directly below.



1. Heroine, the dreamy/grungy all-girl band from Somerset West, kick things off with ‘Kind of Woman’ from their debut EP titled MILK.


2. ‘Atom Bomb’ is one of two tracks by Push Push (the moniker of Nicci St Bruce when she’s rapping in a PE accent) to feature on the Comedy Central series Broad City.


3. Fantasma recently collaborated with Moonchild on the song we all can’t stop singing, ‘Shangri-la’, which also comes with a fantastic animated music video.


4. ‘Gimme Your Love’ is a track off the debut EP of dream noise duo Medicine Boy, made up of Lucy Kruger and Andre Leo.


5. Angel-Ho, the persona of Cape Town performance artist and DJ Angelo Antonia Valerio, takes us into another dimension entirely with the atmospheric ‘Night Repair’.


6. For her first publicly released track, ‘La Llorna’, the vocals of fine artist and musician Amy Ayanda punctuate an otherwordly composition by Thor Rixon.


7. Nonku Phiri‘s alter-ego, JungFreud, makes an appearance on ‘Lights Out’ by PHfat – one of the two mega hits the pair have worked on together.


8. ‘Out Of My Face’ is mixed by Beatenberg’s Ross Dorkin and performed by Umlilo, the “delinquent musical brainchild” of the performance artist formerly known as Siya Is Your Anarchist.


9. Showcasing her powerful voice, ‘Nali’themba’ comes off Msaki‘s beautiful debut EP of the same name (which translates to ‘Harbouring Hope’).


10. Singer and songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou captivates with her soulful bluesy/folk song, ‘Deep Blue Sea’.


11. According to Dope Saint Jude, “NANCY. Nanzukz. Nanzubu. Go away. Eff off” is what it means to ‘Keep In Touch’ – which is the title of her latest track feat. Angel-Ho that dropped this week.



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