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First Look | The Music Video for ‘Keep In Touch’ by Dope Saint Jude feat. Angel-Ho


Last week Dope Saint Jude dropped ‘Keep In Touch‘ feat. Angel-Ho, accompanied by a gender-stereotype-bending series of photographs by Chomma. Today, we’re debuting the brand new music video for the track – an exploration of queer identity, self-love and sartorial pride.


From the opening shot of the “ticky-box” and the passing taxi with the “gatjie” shouting Cape Town, the music video is filled with references of Cape coloured identity and the cultural dynamics surrounding race and gender. Local dialect, particularly Cape-slang and ‘Gayle’ (a language spoken mostly by gay males), feature prominently in the lyrics as well. The dominant phrase ‘Keep In Touch’ is one the duo hope to add to the ever-growing queer lexicon which, according to Saint Jude, means “NANCY. Nanzukz. Nanzubu. Go away. Eff off.” Basically, she elaborates, “If you don’t fux with us, you can keep in touch!”


Saint Jude began rapping as a teenager, and in 2012 she first used performance to challenge gender norms by founding the drag king troupe Bros B4 Hoes. Her debut music video for ‘The Golden Ratio‘ swayed from the archtypal narrative of a rap video with two female protagonists and two male back-up dancers and ‘Keep In Touch’ follows this trajectory. Angel-Ho, the persona of performance artist and DJ Angelo Antonia Valerio, uses “arbitrary sound” accompanied by conceptual drag with the intention of stirring up dialogues about classism, identity, sexuality and gender. “Working with Angel-Ho was incredible,” Saint Jude tells us. “We have a lot in common, even our birthdays! We are both very driven people with a similar vision, so making the song was great fun.”


Although taxing, the process of making the video was exciting. “We started conceptualising it with Chris Kets while recording ‘Keep In Touch’ and it was shot about two weeks after the drop of ‘The Golden Ratio’.” Initially unsure of what the outcome might be, the music video was made possible through the pulling-together of a team of like-minded individuals. The ultra-colourful styling of Fatima Arendse reflects what Saint Jude and Angel-Ho are hoping to convey through the track, “We’re young, talented, queer and here – deal with it.” Stills of Angel-Ho and Saint Jude cartooned and bits of text from the lyrics appear throughout the video, illustrated by Stuart Kets. Also notable is the “vogueing  ninja” character played by Sheldon Michaels, who was designed to flip the perception of queer vogue dancers. In terms of directing and editing Chris turned the vision into a reality and, speaking of the team in its entirety, Saint Jude says “We had enough trust in each other’s abilities to know that the final product would be a work of art we could all be proud of.”




Director & editor: Chris Kets

Director of photography: Jendrik Schröder

2nd Camera: Kayla MacQueene

Production manager: Danielle Alheit

Production assistant: Thandie Gula-Ndebele

Styling & make-up: Fatima Arendse

Behind-the-scenes camera & set design: Jabulile Newman

Animation: Stuart Kets

Choreography: Sheldon Michaels

Model: Lauren Rose

Song: Dope Saint Jude & Angel-Ho

Produced by: Dope Saint Jude

Final Mix: Stefan ‘Wizowski’ Steyn (RaiRecords)

Special thanks to Kim from Cutting Edge Hair Salon (Woodstock), Ogy from Maitland Scrapyard, Luke Doman and Bubbles Car Wash (Woodstock).


Dope Saint Jude feat. Angel-Ho 'Keep In Touch' (1)

Dope Saint Jude feat. Angel-Ho 'Keep In Touch' (6)

Dope Saint Jude feat. Angel-Ho 'Keep In Touch' (2)

Dope Saint Jude feat. Angel-Ho 'Keep In Touch' (5)

Dope Saint Jude feat. Angel-Ho 'Keep In Touch' (3)


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