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Rudi Geyser

A Fantastic Fashion Shoot Minus the Clothes by Rudi Geyser

Rudi Geyser


When first discovering these fantastic ‘fashion’ images by photographer Rudi Geyser, we had no idea the clothing in them didn’t in fact exist at all. An exercise in challenging perception (and in excellent draping!) the shoot is also a statement on consumerism by Rudi and his stylist/designer wife, Pippa Williams. In reality, the ‘clothing’ in the shoot is assembled from sheets of fabric draped, clipped and pinned to form desired shapes. A gorgeous ball gown or ‘tailored’ cloak is nothing more than an illusion. Rudi says, “I wanted to create something hyper-real in the sense that the outfit would only ever exist in the photograph and didn’t exist in reality. I feel this idea relates to some of the key issues of the fashion industry such as consumerism and its creation of low self image through advertising unobtainable perfection in order to sell clothing.” We’re left to decide for ourselves whether the project should be identified as fashion, or art.


Originally from Cape Town, Rudi spent seven years in the UK. He completed his degree in Fine Art Photography at University College Falmouth and subsequently worked in London as a photographic assistant for various photographers in the fashion industry. This shoot comes after a year long hiatus from everything to do with photography which Rudi returns to this year with a renewed excitement – we look forward to seeing what he produces next.




Photographer: Rudi Geyser
Model: Mwinji Siame at Ice Genetics
Stylist: Pippa Williams
Hair and Makeup: Melissa van Zyl using Dermalogica, SNCM



Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser Rudi Geyser


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