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SALON 58 X PICHULIK | Striking Portraits, Inspiring Women and Earrings fit for Queens



SALON 58 X PICHULIK is a creative collaboration between Jackie Burger’s Salon 58 and jewellery designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik. The project is a celebration of women: their personalities, their beauty and their power.


The seven women featured have each built a powerful brand based on their originality and style, and are not just successful names but also inspiring individuals. With this in mind, Katherine crafted seven pairs of unique, once-off earrings to reflect the attitude and personal style of each of these women. She explains how her work brings meaning to ornamentation: “Earrings are extremely intimate, more so than other types of jewellery, as they gently brush the neck. They frame the face and it was an honour to be able to create designs for such bold, brave and beautiful faces.”


Having donned their personalized creations, the women were captured by photographer Kristen-Lee Moolman, who manages to convey both their distinct beauty and strong personalities. Kristen drew on religious iconography to create arresting portraits, in which the subjects have a tangible, almost imposing presence. They represent empowered women; female glamazons.


The photographs were exhibited at the opening soiree of Salon 58, where the women also showcased the earrings in an exclusive fashion show. Inspired by french salons, where women could gather to converse, inspire and educate one another, Salon 58 is a new venture of Jackie Burger, formally the editor of ELLE South Africa.


Below we have included Pichulik’s inspiration behind each design.




Jackie Burger, fashion champion and style icon


“The Jackie Burger earrings speak to the Buddhist concept of mindfulness that often manifests in compassion and awareness, Jackie’s guiding principles. The Art Deco shape of the design acknowledges her love of vintage fashion and was inspired by her grandmother’s knotted brooch, which she treasures.”




Mellissa Muringani, PICHULIK assistant designer


“These coral earrings are iconic PICHULIK, as much part of our DNA as Mellissa is. She was the first person to join me on my journey when I was still working out of my flat and has been with me every step of the way. Coral furthermore represents modesty and compassion, just two of her attributes I have come to love.”




Doreen De Waal, design consultant


“Doreen is unassuming, wise, intelligent and loyal. She is a follower of the Eastern philosophy of deconstructed minimalism and this led me to use interesting materials and textures to create organic shapes. The combination is a balance between hard and soft.”




Jenna Bruwer, fashion editor turned wine expert


“Jenna Bruwer has the charm and elegance of the golden era of cinema. Drawing from Art Deco motifs of the dragonfly and butterfly, her earrings have been designed to embody this nostalgia.”




Juanita Daniel, show producer


“Juanita manages to combine being courageous, bold and brave with an amazing sensitivity and vulnerability, and I therefore used soft circular shapes that represent boldness and tassels, which are elegant and feminine.”




Lindiwe Suttle, singer/songwriter


“Lindiwe celebrates freedom through her music and her dress sense is bold but structured. She loves the spirit of the ‘60s and the ’70s and I have tried to reflect this. I looked to the costume jewellery of the eras and used spheres and circular shapes as well as fringing.”




Anet Pienaar Vosloo, patron of the arts and fundraiser


“Anet is very witty and a key player in the community, especially when it comes to nurturing the arts. The bee-like shapes made from gold and jade are symbolic of community, family and abundance.”


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